Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Pretty sure the "Affluenza" kid was at the Astros/Rangers game on Friday - a place where he has every right to be -- but I'm not sure why he was on the field. 
  • It should be the first item in the Update because we had the wild, wild West breakout on Saturday evening. There was a wrong way driver on 287 south of Decatur and another motorist shot out his tire(s) to try and stop him. (Side note: The driver didn't have a bond set the next morning like everyone else. Not sure why.)
  • I mentioned the late, great weatherman Harold Taft the other day. A faithful reader pointed out to me that his granddaughter is a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Worth
  • When the Easter Bunny at the White House is sponsored by an egg decorating kit. Now all we need is a resurrection scene where the stone is sponsored by a foundation company.
  • Speaking of  the Easter, we try to do some type of brunch every year. I put Mrs. LL in charge of it who chose Tim Love's Lonesome Dove restaurant. It was quickly cancelled when I asked her, "Uh, have you seen one of the three entrees are on the menu?"
  • This kind of tests your faith one day before Good Friday: "A man was killed in New Braunfels on Thursday morning when he received an electrical shock while washing the exterior windows of the First Baptist Church. 
  • Update on a multi-million dollar verdict obtained by a Decatur law firm against a bank: They have now filed their brief in the appellate court where the bank has appealed. It's here. (Everyone's eyes will glaze over on the legal arguments, but the recitation of the facts in the brief's first 20 pages is fascinating/interesting/curious reading -- especially if you're a banker or involved in any high level financing. And the documents in the appendix aren't bad reading either.)
  • Kate Smith, who was famous for her rendition of God Bless America which could still be heard in sports venues today, is having the song and her image pulled after it was discovered she recorded a song named That's Why Darkies Were Born (shocking lyrics here) in 1938. Interestingly, it was also recorded by African-American Paul Robeson who is best known for Ol' Man River. (Local radio host Mark Davis wrote: "The #KateSmith purge is 2019 at its stupidest.  The controversial song is from 1931 and actually satirizes racism.")
    The Philadelphia Flyers removed her statue (or
    one of the characters in Ghost.)
  • I'm reading Fault Lines which is about the history of the U.S. since 1974 and why we are so divided today. It's amazing how much I've forgotten that has happened in my lifetime.  (Example: California's 1978 "Proposition 13" tax reform on property taxes due to skyrocketing appraisals. It, among other things, limited increases to no more than 2% per year. That sounds pretty familiar if you look towards Austin these days.) 
  • This was up for 20 minutes. 
  • I watched an old episode of Batman this weekend which I hadn't seen in years. It was comedy gold. (Now I know why my dad was laughing in the background when I was a kid as I was worried about whether Batman would get out alive.)
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