Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Lots of death yesterday in Texas. Not that far away with had four people, including two children, found dead around I-35 and Basswood (sounds like murder/suicide); two people are dead in Watauga (cops shot one of them); and six people died in a plane crash in Kerrville.

  • This is pretty bold: Fourteen police chiefs in Dallas County signed an open letter criticizing the Dallas DA for not prosecuting some low level crimes and announced they will file those cases as Class C misdemeanors in their local city courts. That gets those cases out of the hands of the DA. It's basically saying, "the potential punishment is far less but at least something will happen." It sounds like they will file Class A or Class B marijuana possession cases as Class C paraphernalia cases. And the same would happen for Class B theft cases ($100 to $750) -- they would just file them as Class C theft under $100 cases.
  • When the legislature tries to tell you that there will "only be a 1%" sales tax increase to offset property taxes:
  • I read the book, but the documentary is even better: The Innocent Man on Netflix. (I actually went to Ada, Oklahoma once just to see the courthouse of injustice.)
  • The lady who was badly disfigured in a Texas DWI crash and became the literal face of anti-drunken driving campaigns has died. She might have been the most persuasive message of all time -- DWIs have plummeted over the last 15 years. 
  • I haven't watched hockey all year, and I'm not starting now. 
  • Is there anyone who watches Game of Thrones who doesn't say, "I'm really confused right now" at least a few times every episode?
  • Trump speaking to kids yesterday: "We are completely rebuilding our military. It was very depleted as you know. A lot of the military folks can tell you...." (Really.)
  • Trump seems more unhinged than usual. He has tweeted or retweeted more than 50 times in the last 24 hours. In addition to oddly calling Twitter "very discriminatory,"  promoting Fox News / State TV 19 times (!), and saying he should be "immune from criticism,"  he went all King Joffrey this morning.
    Narrator: "They didn't apologize after the 2016 election"
  • The Supreme Court announced yesterday that it will decide whether the Civil Rights Act, which bans discrimination by employers because of sex, race, color, national origin, and religion includes the protection of gays because of the word "sex." Little know fact: The Act, which was first proposed to protect African-Americans, had "sex" introduced into it by a conservative Virginia representative with hopes of killing it because, he thought, no one would let it go that far. 
  • Someone sent this to me yesterday. Hurtful. 
  • I'll admit that I couldn't find Sri Lanka on a map.