Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Tech playing for the National Championship tonight? You bet. So the school, win or lose, cancels all classes tomorrow. (But why does the game start at 8:20 p.m.?)
  • DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who famously had no idea how many people had died in the custody of her department, is leaving. The Washington Post, who I was told was "Fake News", was dead right almost a year ago with their reporting about her relationship with Trump.  (Now he'll look to appoint someone "tougher" which, translated, means someone willing to break amnesty laws which he calls "loopholes.")
  • Nielsen learned a valuable lesson: If you work for an bad person, you will forever be known as a bad person as well.  
  • Do these things still exist? I'm guessing no. They set rotational speed records back in the day while launching kids to and fro.
  • What a great gig: You're the CEO of the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau and make $700,000 a year. You just happen to be a triathlete as well so you schedule business trips at the same time of triathlons to San Diego, Canada, Norway and Paris.  
  • There was a 17 foot python caught in Florida -- those things are taking over the Everglades because a few of them, which had been kept as pets, were released around 20 or so years ago.  But I almost want to go into conspiracy theory mode on this python because a Google image search of the story shows several photos of this python with reverse images. There's so many that I don't know which one is the original. 
  • The Baylor women won the National Championship by one point last night. What had been a cakewalk turned into a nail-biter when their best player went down with an injured knee and was taken off the court in a wheelchair.
  • The subject on my lengthy bullet point on Friday about our state senator Pat Fallon's bill is also the subject of the scorn of teacher organizations.
  • I saved $59.99 on Wrestlemania 35 last night because I'm an adult. 
  • The Liberally Lean Pick 'Em status. "Lynette" has Virginia in the final. Mystery Person has Texas Tech (that was a bold move). One of them will win it. 
  • Below is just some random guy on Twitter bragging about his new home purchase. I hope he posts five years from now so we can learn how this all worked out with his new bride. (Side note: "DA BAY" isn't Runaway Bay but a serious contender for a nickname nonetheless.)

  • "Open carry" legislation is dead in Austin after a "an activist went to the home of Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen."  That was the headline at least. I was expecting some crazed nutcase who went banging on the door with an AR-15 on his shoulder. It wasn't. It was this guy, Chris McNutt.  He was unarmed and had a flier with him. "Texas Department of Public Safety troopers intercepted him and carried the flier to the door."  Hey, I might not agree with the guy, but trying to peaceably persuade an elected official to vote a certain way requires DPS intervention and headlines across the state? 

  • There was a drowning in Lake Bridgeport last week. I was trying to remember how many times it's happened, and research didn't help me put a list together. There was a 16 year old in 2012, and a 17 year old in 2017.  I also learned that two people drowned in 1953. (Here's, amazingly, the KXAS typewritten script of the new story.) There has to be a bunch more. 
  • The Dallas Morning News published their "best of" photos for March in Sunday's paper. (Yep, I subscribe.) This one was great. The paper said it had more are on Instagram at dallasnews. (Nope, I don't do Instagram.)
  • Random school bond election amount: Voters in Prosper ISD will vote next month on a $1.3 billion proposal.
  • Trump weirdest claim, made multiple times over the last four days, is that the United States is "full."  That's just bizarre. And less than two months ago he proclaimed, "I want people to come into our country, in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally.”
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