Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • We had news yesterday that a black hole was finally photographed. It needs exploring so this is a job for Space Force!
    Not a Soundgarden Album Cover
  • From Uncle Barky on Dallas TV ratings for Dirk's last home game: "In the total viewers measurement, the game (which ended just before 10 p.m. on Fox Sports Southwest), drew an audience of 112,469. From 7 to 10 p.m., CBS”s trio of NCIS (309,289 viewers), the premiere of The Code (231,967) and NCIS: New Orleans (203,850) all scored higher while also winning their time slots."
  • Kim Kardashian announced yesterday that she plans to be a lawyer and sit for the California bar exam. The more shocking news to me was that you don't have to go to law school to take the bar exam in that state. 
    Thinking about the Rule Against Perpetuities
  • Random fascinating historical figure: Edwin Walker. decorated World War II vet, hard line right winger, Texas governor candidate, promoted riots in Mississippi protesting admission of James Meredith to Ole Miss, detained in a mental institution briefly by order of AG Robert Kennedy, plaintiff in a libel case against the AP that went all the way to the Supreme Court, was on the cover of Newsweek, and. later in life, arrested for public lewdness in Dallas and served thirty days in jail. Oh, one other thing: He was the target of an assassination attempt by Lee Harvey Oswald!  How's there not been a movie made about this guy? 
  • Well, Gov. Greg Abbott lied during his recent campaign. That's an exact quote below. Now he's changed it from two ounces to two grams. (Personal use is under two ounces. No one has under two grams  -- it's 1/14th of one ounce.) He's the Texas Trump with the Truth.™ 
  • And Abbott and his gang came up with a bizarre plan yesterday: They want to raise taxes in order to cut taxes. Specifically, he wants the sales tax rate to go up a full 1% from 6.25% to 7.25% -- that would tie us for the largest sales tax in the nation. Why? The ruse of lowering property taxes. He hasn't explained how, though, and nothing proposed so far remedies the problem of property taxes being tied to skyrocketing tax appraisals. (It's not the property tax rate that's the problem, it's the assessed value.)  Rest assured, five years from now your property tax bill will still be going up and you'll be paying the new sales tax rate. (And I didn't even rant about how a higher sales tax hurts the poor the most.)
    "Hey Curly and Larry, dupin' Texans out their
    money is fun, ain't it!"
  • More crazy Texas politics: Remember the "constitutional carry" guy who was intercepted in front of the home of House Speaker Dennis Bonnen carrying literature? Well, in a bizarre story, he was invited to last night's annual closed door annual spring fundraising dinner for Bonnen, Abbott and Dan Patrick (photo above), and he was seated right behind Bonnen. They got into a "confrontation" and Bonnen left in a huff.
  • More food establishments coming to the the the area in north Fort Worth off I-35 including Twisted Root Burger Co., Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery, Blaze Pizza, Blue Goose Cantina, Yogurtland, Salata and Outback Steakhouse. 
  • Julian Assange of WikiLeaks was arrested overnight. It will be very interesting to see how Trump ("I love Wikileaks!") and his new puppet at the head of the Justice Department handle this.
    "I'm Randy Quaid you idiots!"
  • In maybe my greatest DIY accomplishment, I removed a leaking Backflow Preventer with a cutting tool. I just followed this video. Seriously, how did we fix things before the Internet? 
  • Huge giggle: Listen to Big and Rich introduced as "gender-bending" superstars at last night's Stars playoff game before the National Anthem.