Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Soooo close for Tech last night. If Virginia taught us anything, it's about the importance of free throws. Not only did they hit three in a row with less than a second left to win the semi-final, they hit 12 of 12 down the stretch last night. 
    Artist Unknown. The Curse Of Ted Cruz (2019) 
  • The Liberally Lean Pick 'Em Tourney comes to a close. I've learned that "Lynette" is actually Logan, an 11 year old boy who made the picks all by himself and with the one goal of beating his dad. (Logan, just tell your dad that you would prefer to be referred to as "sports genius" instead of "son" from here on out.)
  • Insurance Claim Update: Allstate was very slow in getting an adjuster with authority out there. But once he showed up on a Monday, he had the estimate to me on Friday, and a draft arrived on Monday. (There's over $30,000 worth of damage according to them.) Now I'm working with my guys to see if the amount is fair. 
  • From yesterday: "Officer Cummins would like to remind everyone that snakes come out this time of year, especially after rain. Please be on the lookout! You can call 9-1-1 if you find one and our snake-handler trained officers will do everything they can to safely relocate the snake. #AustinPD."
  • There's something that makes me feel human when I look at local high school district golf scores. At least some of the scores. (Source.)
  • The projected results of the upcoming census says 10 House seats will be reallocated.  This is why you hear about "gerrymandering" so much. If Texas Republicans had their way, they'd divvy it up where all three new seats would go to Republicans. (But they'll probably go for two safe districts and make the other 50/50 in hopes of avoiding a court challenge.) 
  • According to the Update, Wise County bought the old Fargo Bank building and will be moving County Court at Law #1 (the misdemeanor court) and the County Attorney's office there. I'm going to have to walk a block further!? You kidding me!?
  • There was a heck of a fire in a nice subdivision in Benbrook this weekend -- a subdivision without fire hydrants. Here's a quick loading few second video of it. 
  • This morning in lawyer ethics. (There's more.)

  • I'll have to ask you to go somewhere else for your sports, sir.: 
  • Sheriff Joe was in Arlington last night. He called Trump's immigration policies "illegal" and encouraged protesters in their exercise of free speech. (I'm stunned Trump hasn't put this goofball in charge of DHS.)
  • A reminder of who Ashton Staufer is:
  • No way I'll look. You're on your own. 
  • Johnny Football has had a rough year. He got kicked out the Canadian Football League, joined the AAF which promptly folded, announced he is splitting with his wife of 12 months, and now announces he will henceforth be known as "John Manziel." He's 26.