Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Here's an incredible photo from the under card at Jerry World on Saturday. (And then you next think about CTE.)
  • Liberally Lean Pick 'Em sign up continues. 
  • "Myspace has lost all photos, videos, and music its users uploaded between 2003 and 2015." Like Yahoo!, how did Myspace screw up Internet domination?
  • I never listen to right-winger Mike Gallagher on the radio, but yesterday I heard him casually say he will buy, because of "I'm a big guy", an extra seat on an airplane next to him if the price is "fairly cheap - like $300."  The party of the common man?
  • Abilene Christian made the NCAA tourney and, as a result, the coach gets a bonus of $1,000.  The coach of Kentucky, who they meet in the first game, makes $21,918 -- every day of the year. 
  • The Supreme Court will hear another Incorporation Doctrine case. The question is this: Does the requirement of the Sixth Amendment on the federal government that its criminal courts require a unanimous verdict apply to state criminal courts? Amazingly, Oregon doesn't require unanimous verdicts.  Louisiana used to and that's the case to be heard. A man was convicted of murder on a 10-2 vote which was allowed by Louisiana law.  Prediction: 9-0 to the answer is yes.
  • If you want to hear the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals tell a partner in a major silk-suited law firm that "I'd be embarrassed to take the position that you are taking in this case. I'd be absolutely embarrassed for you and your law firm that you think it's appropriate to retry this case after you agreed to arbitration" then go to around the 11:30 mark of this mp3 file.  That's what happens when you agree to binding arbitration, get hit for $16 million, and then try to say it's not binding by appealing it. (When the opposing counsel got up for his turn, one judge said, "You know counsel, I'll tell you one thing, one of my heroes Coach Bryant used to say, 'You don't put the ball in the air when you're winning the game' but go ahead." 15:30 mark. Sheesh. I truly think I would have considered saying, "Unless the Court has any questions, I'll waive oral argument.")
  • Prosecutors in the Amber Guyger case got a subpoena for cruise records for any trips she might have taken after the shooting. My best guess is that they are looking for "punishment evidence". My other guess is that you have prosecutors who aren't keeping their eye on the ball. 
  • Remember the Baylor player, Shawn Oakman, who was found not guilty a couple of weeks back of sexual assault? He turned down a plea bargain of deferred adjudication probation. Gutsy move.  (I found that tidbit in the bizarre story about Kenneth Starr raising money for Oakman's defense.)
  •  Kinda fun: "All-Star Inflatables March Madness Contest" -- which includes pictures of 64 inflatable tunnels of Texas high school football teams. Some are bizarre. (The closest school that made the cut was Bowie.)
  • He's mad again this morning: 
    George Conway did not work there briefly and then get "fired/quit."
  • I'm always worried about Mrs. LL's obsession with spousal murder shows on 20/20 or Dateline or Lifetime.  Then I walked by this weekend and saw her watching a Lorena Bobbitt documentary. 
  • The site where I get newspaper covers, www.newseum.org , is down this morning. I'm not sure the site will even exist once its Washington museum shuts down at the end of the year.