Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • No new Insurance Saga updates, but thanks to all the folks who have reached out to me who have expertise in this area. "Presheateya, pal." 
  • I love the WFAA archives twitter account which will fire off five minute clips from time to time. Yesterday they had a news segment from 1969 which depicted a past drug user who wanted to hide his identify. No shadowy figures or tricked up voices back then:
    Let's face it. It definitely works.
  • Most small towns have volunteer and/or modest fire departments. Westlake ain't having none of that with their new fire hall. 
  • Man, that was a heck of beating that woman took in Deep Ellum by a now-arrested and since-fired bartender.

  • Remember, kids, the NCAA says no gambling. Oh, here are the very early Liberally Lean standings. (And now I learn there were quite a few people that had trouble signing up. I may go to ESPN next year.)
  • I forgot to mention that the "Money Doctor" on local radio 660 The Answer, and the author of the book, "Jesus Christ, Money Master", has been arrested on allegations of defrauding senior citizens out of more than $19 million. 
  • An absolutely fun way to monitor NCAA games is the FiveThirtyEight.com web site. They have percentage odds in real time among other fun projection tools. Late games from last night, once finished, looked like this: 
  • DPS gunboat! (Posted on Twitter yesterday.) Look closely. That's two 300 HP motors. There's no reason in the world for that -- especially on that size of boat. I bet they push $30,000 a piece. Remember this the next time you stand in line in an under-staffed DPS office. 
  • The "Affluenza Teen" has had his ankle-monitor removed. The revisionist history of that case is getting worse and worse. I heard on KRLD this morning that "Ethan Couch was given probation in a drunk driving crash where a judge agreed with his defense lawyer that he lived such an affluent life that he suffered from Affluenza and was not able to tell right from wrong." That's not even close to the actual facts. 
  • What?!!! Oh, now I understand.
  • I watched a Netflix documentary from last year called Alt-Right: Age of Rage. It had a ton of white supremacist Richard Spencer in it who, I note, was documented as saying, "I think Trump can build the wall without the authorization of Congress."  Little did he know that Mr. Fine People On Both Sides would end up agreeing with him.
  • We should all chant "Lock him up!" over this news, right? Isn't that the way this works?
  • Texas criminal lawyers only: The Fort Worth Court of Appeals reversed a DWI case yesterday (an incredible rarity) because the search warrant affidavit for blood wasn't sworn to. The DA's office said it didn't matter. The trial judge amazingly agreed. The appellate court said no. Saying you swear to something when that's not true has consequences. (For you ALR lawyers, I bet you can think of a theory where the Court of Criminal Appeals could reverse this. I may give up if they do.)
  • Trump's off to Mar-A-Lago this morning. 
  • There's a case going on in Tarrant County which is head-spinning. It's about shooting of an officer, but you have to wade through a myriad of facts (including a murder days before) to get there. And throw in for good measure the text message from the defendant of, “The liberals fight so hard to keep guns out of the hands of the people . . .  . But what keeps the law dogs in check?” (The defense lawyer is out of Collin County and represented Warren Jeffs.)