Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Our relationship with Allstate is off to a rocky start as we try to get the roof fixed from the storm damage last week. A no-show from an adjuster on Saturday, a reschedule for noon on Sunday, followed by a reschedule for late afternoon on Sunday, and then a late reschedule for Tuesday. 
  • Breaking.
  • Crazy, crazy ending to a high school playoff game in Minnesota. (We have a storming of the court by the winning team only to find out, after a weird delay, they didn't win after all. Then the other fans storm the court.)
  • UT great Johnny "Lam" Jones has died. His performance at the 1976 state track meet as the anchor leg on the mile relay is something of legends. (I think this might be a benchmark for me getting old. I'm not sure how many people even know who he is.)
  • I need this look.
  • Trump was borderline nuts this weekend with a Twitter storm which was bizarre even for him.
    • He started out by randomly posting video clips from State TV (which would be unthinkable by a President before he came along.)
    • And he got mad that Jeanine Pirro's show was suspended by Fox News because of her anti-Muslim comments. Comments which were too crazy even by Fox News standards. Note that Trump supports her two days after 50 Muslims were murdered by a White Supremacist.
    • Continuing to be a Fox News program director, he got mad at two anchors who he thinks were mean to him.
    • And he twice attacked the recently passed John McCain calling him "last in his class" and having a "very dark stain" on his record (as he makes a Ken Starr joke.) McCain's daughter put the hate monger in his place. 
    • Then he went after comedians and Saturday Night Live wanting the government to censor them because they hurt his feelings. #IsThisRussiaDanny?
    • And he got mad at Google and General Motors
    • And, being the good Christian that he is, he went to church on St. Patrick's Day in between tweets. Any chance the "Saint" in the name confused him into thinking it was a religious holiday?
      "They didn't read from Two Timothy. So sad."
  • And he's at it again this morning. He's not right. (We should check with "Tim Apple" about the accuracy of this comment.)
  • I'm hearing a rumor about an odd shake up in Chico ISD sports. 
  • New Zealand has banned AR-15s and guns like them. It just took one mass shooting for them to do it. (Did you know that per capita, the Christchurch shooting was the equivalent of that country's 9/11?)
    Notice the hand symbol. 
  • Johnny Football is now in the new AAF football league with Memphis. San Antonio, whose general manager is Daryl "Moose" Johnson, had the rights to him but gave them up because the signing could be a "distraction." You kidding me? You're an AAF team! You need all the publicity you can get. 
  • I finally read that Texas Monthly story on "crime or accident." It's fantastic and spot on. And, surprise, surprise it has a hidden evidence angle by the Smith County D.A. and another probable unfair trial by Judge Jack Skeen, Jr.  The result was stunning, and the case is on appeal. I found the Defendant's brief and liked it with the exception of the glaring error on the cover page. 
  • A six episode Netflix show I watched which I highly recommend: Ricky Gervais' Afterlife. I'm not sure I've ever watched anything which goes from so funny to so very dark so fast.
  • I bet you missed it this weekend: The University of Michigan issued an active shooter alert which caused momentary panic. It turned out to be a bunch of girls popping balloons outside the library.  This is the country we live in. 
  • Abilene Christian as made the NCAA Tourney along with Praire View A&M (led by a former Bridgeport star from their still odd basketball championship from 2015.)
  • Speaking of: Enter the 2019 Liberally Lean Pick-Em Tournament. (I think we've done this over 10 years, and I've got a list of winners in the archives somewhere. I'll track them down.)
  • Messenger: Above the Fold.