Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • This was said to be on I-30 headed out of Fort Worth yesterday afternoon during rush hour (but it looks like the service road). Either way, that's serious blockage. 
  • A lawyer was murdered in Austin a couple of years back and the trial has been ongoing. There was a guilty verdict yesterday but not before a slight problem with a juror.
  • Mrs. LL was roaming around Wizard Wells yesterday and came across this. I have questions. Lots of questions. 
  • Ron Corning is leaving the WFAA morning show.  The exit sounds odd since he says he doesn't have another job yet turned down a contract extension. He describes other opportunities and, at his age, it's "now or never" to move on. Side note: Fox 4's morning show doubles them in the ratings for the "all important" 25-to-54-year-old demographic.
  • This is incredible. A telephone poll falls on a soccer field injuring two in Arkansas. Video caught it happening. It comes down fast.
  • He's moved on. Really. 
  • If we don't get that dang ol' wall built soon, stuff like this will continue to happen:
  • Random Wise County history note: I was researching historical markers in Wise County (I'm livin' large) and found one for the "Battle of Knobs" near Decatur. Then I learned there is another and almost identical marker near Archer City claiming the same Indian battle occurred there. That kind of makes you question the accuracy of historical markers in general. 
  • Fox News' Tucker Carlson's defense is right out of the Trump playbook: "Never apologize. Never admit mistakes. Attack your attackers."  I'm not sure why every person involved in a scandal doesn't do the same thing from now on because, in America, it works. 
  • There was a big story of a guy who killed three guys because of a wreck on 635 in Dallas and fled the scene leaving his teenage son in his vehicle in the middle of the night. Then I look up and see this related, yet unrelated, headline today:
  • Neighbor Cooke County's state rep has filed a bill to eliminate the County Attorney's office and have the DA handle all prosecutions (like Tarrant County.) That normally means it is a done deal. 
  • Trump unveiled his budget yesterday -- the largest in our nation's history. Yet it had cuts of over $1 trillion (with a "T") to Medicare and Medicaid. Let's have a flashback from Candidate Trump keeping in mind his current rally cries of "Promises Made. Promises Kept."
  • Nick Foles is going to get a four-year deal worth $88 million from the Jaguars with $50 million guaranteed? Dak Prescott may be an average quarterback, but an average free agent QB in the NFL will get rich. (Here's a reminder that he made $725,848 last year.)