Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged. Let's check in on the always stable Jose Canseco for a reaction. 

  • The Morning News had a Letter to the Editor on Saturday from a DPS employee based in the Garland "Super Center". Although she was defending the agency, I liked her description of what troopers do when they are taken off the road and sent to the border.
  • Trump visited the Alabama tornado zone on Friday and signed, uh, Bibles. (They can forever compare the signatures on his checks to pay off his affair with Stormy Daniels to prove authenticity.)
  • We learned that the owner of the massage spa chain -- a chain which was allegedly involved with human trafficking that Robert Kraft got caught up in -- has had her picture taken with every conservative Republican known to man.  
  •  Decatur blew a 16 point lead and then lost the game on a last second shot to Liberty Hill. (Video). Liberty Hill then lost on a last second shot in the championship game. (Video).   And Slidell got more press than they've received in maybe ever with their win. 
    Liberty Hill: Joy can be temporary.
  • Legend Vince Young got fired by UT from his $100,000 a year part-time job. Do you know how much he would have to blow that job off in order to get fired by the Evil Empire?
    Vince Young: Joy can sometimes temporarily last a decade.
  • The Junior in College was back in the house this week and decided on Saturday that we would Marie Kondo our kitchen. Many hours later, a ton of "Spark Joy" jokes, and multiple trash bags, we had quite the organized kitchen. 
  • Fox News' Tucker Carlson is in trouble after an old interview was discovered with "Bubba The Love Sponge." He refused to apologize and just said he was caught saying something "naughty." His fleeing advertisers may have a different opinion. 
  • I learned my great grandfather is buried in Paradise. He was gone before I was born, but I'm embarrassed I didn't know that. (That led me to the amazing resource that is the cemetery records link found on wisecounty.com)
  • Wise County criminal justice: Whichever JP set bonds over the weekend needs to throttle it back a little.  
  • Trump said over the weekend that he didn't say "Tim Apple" but instead said “Tim Cook, Apple.” This comes on top of the White House fudging the transcript of his remarks by adding a dash (but with no reference to "Cook". He 100% said "Tim Apple".  It's Orwellian, once again. 
    Official transcript.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.