Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It's hard to be the hardest working man in show business when you are without power in a house which is missing part of a roof and it sounds like a rain forest inside. 
  • Shout out to Cannon Roofing in Decatur who immediately got out there and put a tarp on the thing in post storm winds still pushing 40 mph.
  • The worst home hit was the one next door which completely lost its roof. Horrible. But it led to the craziest part of the storm: Inside that house were a couple of old school ceiling fans that weighed about 50 pounds (really). One went flying about 100 yards, went through the garage roof of another house, and crashed into a big empty dog kennel leaving a basketball size dent in it. 
    After it was moved.

    No dog was inside at the time. 
  • From the official Twitter account of the Fort Bend County Constable Pct. 3.  That's a full assault in the War on Drugs that they are mighty proud of. (And they've been crucified with in thousands of comments so far.)
  • Regarding Gov. Abbott's harsh criticism of DPS for the way they handled the fake voter fraud scandal, DPS director Steve McCraw, always the lapdog, took responsibility for the screw-up. Then he turned around and fired an underling named Skylor Hearn (who made a whopping  $211,620.)
  • A Bridgeport man has allegedly committed a fish foul.
  • Yes, I planned on mentioning this yesterday. The man doesn't  even understand how an umbrella works. (And, man, he is worked up about something. Since yesterday morning he has fired of 40 tweets or retweets.):
  • Robert Jeffress is in the Holy Land for his annual stint making money as a sponsor and tour director. He posted photos.
    "I said on Fox and Friends that the Democrats are godless and it looks like one of them is amongst us!"
    "I thought the brochure said open bar."
  • This guy normally doesn't say stupid stuff, but this is simplistic nonsense.
  • This whole college admissions scandal has my head spinning.  Everyone knew it was going on and now the Justice Department is acting like they have broken up the mob. And Felicity Huffman is arrested at gunpoint, and Lori Loughlin has a $1 million bond? It's all just weird.
  • And this really got my attention from the press conference by the U.S. Attorney: "We are not talking about donating a building so that a school is more likely to take your son or daughter." Translated: "We're not talking about bribing college officials in a socially acceptable way." 
  • I mentioned that a guy has been convicted in Austin for killing an attorney there. After his conviction, but before the sentencing phase, prosecutors obtained a call that he made that night where he said the following. The sentencing jury heard it. What do you think they gave him? (Answer below.) 
  • He is blatantly lying. They are just begging for a pardon via the media. And it's a brilliant strategy because Trump will bite on it. 
  • I just picture the dog walking away down a suburban street. Stopping and looking back longingly. Dak, with tears rolling down his cheeks and a cracking voice, saying, "Go on, boy. You go on and get outta here." The dog lowering his head and turning to slowly walk towards Plano.
  • Answer: They they gave him 40. He got lucky.