Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Wise County Kids In Dog Kennel Case is still in the news. The CBS affiliate in Amarillo ran the black and white photo below. At first I didn't think it was her, but I guess mug shots truly are never flattering. 
  • And anyone else confused about the cuts/scrapes on his face? The reports lead us to believe it was part of the assault charge they put on her, but the book in photo shows what looks like old stitches under one nostril and there are even some marks in the black and white photo.
  • "Uh, sir, I hate to interrupt you during this meeting about removing monuments to those who led the South in a revolution against the United States, but something is going on with your car outside." (Side note: Towing the car as part on an investigation where no one was hurt seems a little heavy handed. Eye-witnesses ID'ing the councilman had already been found. Just take some photos of the damage.)
  • Very random term which I heard all the time as a teenager: Catalytic converter. (That thought popped into my head because I was somehow recalling that more than once I had to replace the muffler on my car because of corrosion -- something I haven't had to do in decades.)
  • Robert Jeffress is out there retweeting his own quotes in Christian love again. 
  • Some still wonder if President Coulter and President Hannity will allow Trump to approve the new budget deal. I think they'll let him.  
  • The best part of this was that not only was the Springtown PD involved in the chase but the Reno PD joined in as well. I envision that PD being very similar to that of Reno 911. (Very underrated show, by the way.)
  • Me with unintended excitement to Mrs. LL: "Hey, did you Amazon owns Ring?" Her: "Ummmkaaaay."
  • Paul Manafort is either really dumb or has a really good personal reason to lie to the Special Counsel about his contact with the Russians. (But the fact he teamed up with Roger Stone back in the day to create a lobbying firm makes both options real possibilities.) 
  • Hey! That's my "go to" line if someone asks me about the race of a particular person. But I do it for very, very quality comedy. This guy, who might have had the worst possible presidential run roll-out in the history of ever, is serious.
  • It's the one year anniversary of our modern day Valentine's Day Massacre.  And we all know another one is coming because all we do is shrug our shoulders when it happens.