Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit at 10:45 a.m. We've got some breaking news catching the eyes of DFW Media. Channel 5 had the first big write up. after WFAA seemed to be the first to post pictures.
  • We have some of the dumbest lawmakers in Texas. Aren't you boys promising something about school funding reform and increasing teacher pay? 
  • I watched a little bit of Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy's. I didn't know she was 49. Hey, now. And I'll say it again: She was a better Selena than Selena was.

  • OU's Kyler Murray said yesterday that he is 100% committed to the NFL. Hot sports opinion: That's dumb. You can be an average player in baseball and make a lot more money for many, many years.  In the NFL, you better be a top ten pick (he's not) to get that first big contract, or be great during your first four years and hit it big with the second contract (he won't.)  And then there's this:
  • A new Houston misdemeanor judge who just took office on January 1st has died of "health related" reasons. She was 57. 
  • Another government shutdown is scheduled for Friday (with some murmuring about a proposed deal) and Trump isn't getting $5 billion for the silly Wall. And I don't think Trump will declare a "national emergency" to build it. At least he doesn't sound like the country is in a state of emergency. 
  • Yesterday Trump jumped all over the report that his favorable rating was 52%. What he forgot to mention was that it was a Rasmussen poll -- the one poll which always has him outperforming every other poll. (The aggregate favorability rating of Trump based on all polls was 40.4% yesterday.)
  • I was reminded yesterday that it was the ninth anniversary of 10 inches of snow in North Texas. That was insane and insanely fun. Here's a list of the top metroplex snowstorms.  
  • We've got a not guilty verdict in Tarrant County for Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child. If convicted, he was facing a minimum of 25 years in prison (and up to life) without parole.
  • Serious question about that verdict: What is your initial reaction? (1) He's actually innocent, (2) He's guilty and got away with it, or (3) He might have been guilty but the jury had a reasonable doubt about it.  (And isn't it interesting that we all have a gut reaction without knowing any of the facts?)
  • Random high school football news about a small town to the north:
  • Trump is now mad at fact checkers. He even made reference to this at his white nationalist rally in El Paso last night.  So not only does he constantly lie, he now tells his base not to believe those who point out his lies. And, of course, they believe his "final, most essential command." 
  • And his Enemy of the People rants caused one of his Base to go into the media area last night and attack a BBC cameraman. It even interrupted Trump. It's a small example, but that's the reaction he wants.
  • I had a faithful reader send me the text (and photos) of the blog post I accidentally deleted last week. Sir, your dedication is admirable. (I just need to fix recreate it now.)
  • I think the Star-Telegram got disrespected. All in the news this week is this Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express report on sexual abuse in Southern Baptist churches. The Star-Telegram did a multi-part investigation in December on the same subject about "fundamental Baptists" and it didn't get any traction. 
  • Mrs. LL had some hesitation when I told her she would love the style and content of Dan Carlin of Hardcore History fame. She loved him. He's almost hypnotic.