Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • We had something happen in Wise County yesterday which I've never heard of in our fair county: It looks like we had a federal drug raid the DEA. By 5:00, we had nine folks booked into and transferred out of the Wise County Jail.  Four were from Bridgeport, two from Paradise, one Rhome and, oddly, one Euless and one Springtown. 
  • I've pointed out the Proud Boys for quite some time, and noted when one of them, a lawyer, made an appearance in the Wise County courthouse in November, 2017.  Uh, we have a development on him
  • There's a shirtless Lincoln statue at a federal courthouse in Los Angles? 
  • You might remember the lawyer in Dallas who was apparently murdered via fire in his home in the Park Cities. No arrest has been made and now the Dallas police won't release reports despite an order from a district judge. They are appealing the order. Trivia #1: The district judge who signed the order is now on the appellate court which will rule on the appropriateness of the order. (He'll recuse himself.) Trivia #2: I met Ira Tobolowsky once in the 1980s at a deposition at his office and afterwards a gave him a lift to the Mansion for dinner with his wife. 
  • Lawyer gets punched by client after 47 year sentence handed down. Video.
  • Stranded at Donner Pass!!!
  • Random Trivia: Was Chester Arthur a U.S. President? True or False. (That was on Last Week Tonight, and I was completely wrong.)
  • Man, there's a lot of new coverage of the Jussie Smollett false report. It's news but not that big of news.  But I can't believe he still claims the attack is true after the last two days. It's time to fall on the proverbial sword.
  • Meanwhile, the White Nationalist who was arrested two days ago is already out of the news. 
  • Michael Cohen will testify before a Congressional hearing next week. That will be a circus of biblical proportions. "In connection with the President instructing you to pay the National Enquirer to kill the Stormy Daniels story, what did Mr. Trump say exactly transpired between he and Stormy Daniels that he wished to cover up? Please give details." "And when Mr. Trump engaged in the acts of [describing them], his third wife was pregnant with Barron, is that correct?"
  • One of the Smartest Guys in The Room is free. In 2001, he was paid $132 million. 
  • I didn't know that in Texas if you get appointed to a high ranking position (district judge and above), you sometimes have to be confirmed by the Senate. Most of the time this never happens because the appointments occur while the legislature is out of session and the appointed person wins an election before they meet again. (That's not the case of the recently appointed Texas Secretary of State who concocted the voter purge attempt and who may not get confirmed. Question: Did we ever find out how many on the "list" for Wise County were actually not citizens? Eight counties aren't even going to check.)
  • Funny: https://www.hasrogerstoneviolatedhisgagorderyet.com/
  • If I'm Zion Williamson, I'm not playing another second for Duke. The school makes millions, the coach makes millions, ESPN makes millions broadcasting college sports, and Nike makes millions. I think it's his turn without risking blowing out a knee. 
Abilene? He makes the front page in Abilene?