Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Another day. Another scandal: Trump asked his self-picked cronie, acting AG Whitaker, to try to get the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York to "unrecuse" himself in the Michael Cohen prosecution so he would have a buddy in charge of the case. That alone is 100 times worse than anything Nixon ever did. And he's upset this morning . . .
    (This is how you know the story is true.)
  • That's the very first time Joseph Goebbels Trump has named a specific media outlet as the "Enemy of the People" in one tweet. Here is as close as he came before:
  • It looks like public officials in Wise County are in Austin for "Wise County Day." (Translated: Our rep and senator makes appearances to tell us how much they care about Wise County before going back to not caring about Wise County.) Here's the official resolution for Wise County Day. (If you are a rodeo cowboy or bull rider with any big wins, you got named. Other than that, you were shut out.)
  • "He’s now hoping others will learn from his near-death experience." Buddy, that's a lesson that shouldn't need to be taught.
  • Don't make a federal judge mad at you. 
  • The statue of the "Kissing Sailor" in Sarasota, Florida has been defaced with #MeToo graffiti. (Want to know what the statute's actual name was? "Unconditional Surrender.")
  • Manny Machado will now get paid a guaranteed $30 million a year for 10 years by the San Diego Padres. And Kyler Murray wants to play football?
  • The Supreme Court slapped down Texas' highest criminal court yesterday for the second time by reversing a death penalty case. The issue was the definition of "intellectual disability" which, if it exists, prevents the government from killing a citizen. The decision was 6-3 (with Roberts and Kavanaugh in the majority.) Background on the case here -- even the prosecutor and the trial judge thought the guy shouldn't be executed!  I loved this dissent in the Texas case where now former judge Alcala correctly opined that the  majority on the Texas court were standing alone and were wrong: “There is only one outlier in this group that concludes that applicant is ineligible for execution due to his intellectual disability, but unfortunately for applicant, at this juncture, it is the only one that matters.”
  • The kid who stared down an American Indian at the Lincoln Memorial wants $250 million from the Washington Post. The lawsuit reads like a PR release, and there is a 100% chance that the federal judge will toss it (as soon as he calms down from being offended.)
  • I think I hate Junior more than his daddy.  Buddy, you left your wife and five kids to run off with another woman. You are in no position to give any opinion on parenting. 
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