Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Our DA's office (which also includes Jack County) has another murder case to handle unless a girl is just making it up.  I think they have two cases under indictment and another one just happened in Decatur.
  • The City of Decatur has three murder cases in its history: (1) James “Poncho” Bennett, a Decatur police officer killed in 1980, (2) the murder of Bettie Lou Walker in 2005, and (3) the recent aforementioned Toast Yur Bunz case.
  • The Clemson national championship was at the White House last night and Trump fed them fast food. This photo goes in the Smithsonian as a tribute to (1) Idiocracy, (2) the dinner in Talladega Nights, and (3) Lincoln in the background wondering how in the world did we get here.  
  • But this morning he confirms they were good "hamberders."
  • I might have to relinquish my title as hardest working man in show business when I saw this photo of the guy in the cold yesterday morning:
  • Book-In departments in jails were much harsher in 1944. (Background.)
  • My retire "to a jungle Costa Rica" took another hit over the weekend when I learned an American who moved there with his family was kidnapped, they paid $1 million in bitcoin for his release, 12 people were arrested, and the guy is still missing. 
  • House Republicans finally figured out something that was know for years: Steven King is a white supremacist. (Note: Local radio host Mark Davis is a holdout on the condemnation since he thinks it is "plausible" King was simply understood. Fox 4 gives Davis airtime once a week on Good Day.)
  • There's dueling documentaries (Netflix and Hulu) just released about the colossal failure of  Fyre Festival. I'm in. A failed "luxury music festival" on a Bahamian island might have me cheering against everyone.
  • Trust me, you've got to see the wild eye movement of the new Jets coach when he was introduced yesterday. It is freaky. (And then watch this tricked up version for quality comedy.)
  • For the second time in a month, a "suicidal man" was shot by metroplex police. Last night it was in North Richland Hills. Last month it was in Fort Worth around south I-35. Both cases went sideways and ended up in a police chase.
  • I had forgotten watching the last one minute of a college basketball game takes 30 real minutes with countless fouls and free-throws. It is unwatchable.