Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Can we tap the brakes before we convict and execute former Texas Rangers pitcher John Weitland? He was arrested yesterday, according to the probable cause affidavit, for Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child based upon a person's word claiming it happened 10 years ago when he was four years old. It may be true or it may not be, but lets start by looking at this press release from the arresting agency, the Bartonville Police Department, which has a staff of three including the Chief. The arrest was done based upon an "initial" investigation -- not a complete and thorough one -- but an initial investigation. And it even sounds like that initial investigation was done by CPS and not trained investigators. A CPS investigation is nothing more than "this is what was said so now the ball is in your court because we are obligated by law to tell you about it because we aren't law enforcement." (Side note to the Chief: You might want to find a little bit more of a professional font than that which is on your letterhead.) 
  • You know who has more concerns than I do?: The Denton County D.A. who now is in charge of a case which is receiving nationwide coverage because a small town police department went off half cocked. (Note that the investigation isn't even finished yet.) The smart thing to have done would have been for the Bartonville PD to immediately bring in the D.A.s office, the Sheriff's Office, or the Rangers without an arrest and admit, "We don't have the experience or resources to deal with this type of thing and we are asking for you to take over the case."  Let them make the decision to arrest if they thought the case could ultimately be proven.
  • If there is nothing more than an allegation about something that allegedly happened 10 years ago, it wouldn't surprise me in the least bit to see the case no-billed by the Denton County Grand Jury. 
  • One more thing about the case that got me wound up: Junior Miller on The Ticket this morning, after proclaiming Weitland guilty, said that "I've heard that Denton County has the best D.A. but the judges up their aren't likely to convict." That caused my head to explode on several levels.
  • The leader of the Coast Guard took a shot at the Trump Shut Down yesterday.
  • Burger King had some fun with Trump's inability to spell:
  • Wise County has a murder case on appeal where the defendant just filed his brief complaining that any statements he made were the product of coercion by the cops.  I wasn't familiar with this "currency" technique to persuade -- or as the defendant said, "coerce" -- a confession. According to the defendant's brief, he was told that he held virtual euros, dollars, and pesos. If he talked, he was using his currency of high value euros to get his story to the jury. If he doesn't, he'll hold nothing but pesos and the Ranger would get to provide only his version. (The last time I checked, a defendant could testify at his own trial.) From the brief:
  • A new federal law I didn't know about: "All hospitals operating in the US are required 'to make public a list of their standard charges via the Internet . . . . '" That seems to be a big deal. 
  • Hot sports opinion: I wouldn't draft Kyler Murray anywhere in the first three rounds. And I think he's nuts if he chooses football over baseball.
  • The biggest play in the Cowboys loss to the Rams hasn't received a whole lot of coverage: Rams lead 13-7 in the second quarter facing a 3rd and 14. The Cowboys hold, but a hands to the face call is made on Byron Jones. The Rams get an automatic first down. Two plays later they score and it's 20-7. Game over. 
  • This, just announced, at Jerry World is a lot to wrap your brain around. So are the prices.
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