Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • In case you missed it: The FBI felt it necessary to launch an investigation as to whether Donald Trump is working on behalf of Russia. I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. 
  • And then, with little notice, Trump decided to call into Fox News on Saturday night and wouldn't even flatly deny that the report was true. (He also oddly said he he hadn't left the White House in "months".)
  • The following occurred in an unnamed Wise County courtroom last week. Really.:
  • That is true:
  • Everyone is driven nuts by the the lawyer/David Irving commercial that airs a million times during the Cowboy games, but Mrs. LL had a funny line as she deadpanned during one of them Saturday night and said, "I wish you were the winningest lawyer in Texas."
  • Obviously, they don't have civil rights in Wichita Falls! (Seriously, this story has received a lot of play but she wasn't arrested and her name wasn't released.) Hidden gem: It was 6:30 a.m. when it happened.
  • Trump was weird all weekend but last night he seemed mentally unstable. Take this one where he (1) Mocks Jeff Bezos' name like a third grader, (2) Makes light of divorce, (3) Says the National Enquirer is more accurate than the Washington Post, and (4) Seems to have forgotten that the Enquirer's publisher received immunity after admitting being paid off by Trump to catch and bury a story of Trump having an affair with an ex-Playmate after Melania had just given birth.
  • I've started out the new year with a pricey heater repair (I got to see a scorched mother board when I didn't even know the thing had a mother board) and a cracked car windshield. And both Mrs. LL and the Sophomore in the House went to the doctor last week. It's not even halfway through January. 
  • I see what you did there WFAA
  • I had totally forgotten that the NFC used to had a consolation game for those two teams which lost in the divisional round. If still in effect, that would mean Dallas would play Philadelphia after the Super Bowl for third place. The NFC was still technically still the NFL back then since the merger with the AFL/AFC hadn't yet been completed. The last Consolation Game had the Cowboys lose to Rams 31-0 in 1966. (h/t Bud Kennedy.)
  • The Chief of Houston PD issued a ticket for a big time speeder. Question: Houston still has handwritten tickets?
  • Stuff buried in the news: We aren't the only one with drones of death.
  • According to the Update, we've had another major wreck at FM 2123 and FM51. That's the second one this year, while a guy pled guilty and received probation last week for criminally negligent homicide for a wreck at the exact same location. (I'm on record of not prosecuting people for accidents when no drugs or alcohol are involved unless there are shocking facts. It's never been shocking when there is a wreck at that location.)
  • Legal stuff: The Supreme Court has agreed to decide the following issue in DWI cases: Having already determined that the government must get a warrant to obtain someone's blood if they refuse to consent (despite what any state law says), is a warrant not required if the person is unconscious so long as state statute says he has deemed to have given his consent? Texas has such a statute. This seems to be a no-brainer: Get a warrant. (This would kill the silliness of the term "implied consent.")
  • BagOfNothing has already spoiled a couple of videos that I planned to use for this Friday's Let's Get Out Of Here. The dog and gymnast are must sees.
  • Government Shutdown Day 24: #WhereAreThePesos.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.
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