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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Billy Graham has died at age 99. This is the cover of Time in 2006:
  • Trump moved to ban bump stocks yesterday. They were used in the Las Vegas mass murder not the most recent school shooting. Keep up. 
  • A guy named Benjamin Kelly works -- well, did work -- in Florida state government. He thought this would be a good idea to send out this email. By the end of the day Monday, he was fired.
  • My comment section is still down. I'm having withdrawals from not seeing craziness.
  • If the the Thunder Truck isn't in Wise County this morning, my faith in local news has been destroyed.
  • Sports Illustrated is after the Mavericks. And the team "responded" fast by issuing a statement even before SI released the story last night. They say Mark Cuban had "no knowledge" and that they had hired an outside firm to investigate. This sounds bad. 
  • There's a commercial on The Ticket which warns against banks offering a temporary/promotional interest rate on savings accounts which later plummets. I haven't seen an interest rate on savings accounts advertised in over a decade --  maybe longer.
  • Let me state the obvious: The weather is nasty today. 
  • The parole board in Texas recommended clemency yesterday for Sugar Land man slated to die for murder-for-hire plot. No Greg Abbott has to either give a thumbs up or thumbs down. 


RPM said...

Testing. 1,2, testing. Sibilance... Sibilance.

Anonymous said...

That RTG is perfect. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand being rendered speechless!!!

Anonymous said...

That's Newsweek, says so right on the cover.

Anonymous said...

Oh, look. The Republican Party had two more pedophiles outed in the last two days. Keep up the work as the party of pedophiles, traitors, wife-beaters, etc. If this is what Christianity supports, I'm pretty sure that Jesus would remain Jewish.