Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Billy Graham has died at age 99. This is the cover of Time in 2006:
  • Trump moved to ban bump stocks yesterday. They were used in the Las Vegas mass murder not the most recent school shooting. Keep up. 
  • A guy named Benjamin Kelly works -- well, did work -- in Florida state government. He thought this would be a good idea to send out this email. By the end of the day Monday, he was fired.
  • My comment section is still down. I'm having withdrawals from not seeing craziness.
  • If the the Thunder Truck isn't in Wise County this morning, my faith in local news has been destroyed.
  • Sports Illustrated is after the Mavericks. And the team "responded" fast by issuing a statement even before SI released the story last night. They say Mark Cuban had "no knowledge" and that they had hired an outside firm to investigate. This sounds bad. 
  • There's a commercial on The Ticket which warns against banks offering a temporary/promotional interest rate on savings accounts which later plummets. I haven't seen an interest rate on savings accounts advertised in over a decade --  maybe longer.
  • Let me state the obvious: The weather is nasty today. 
  • The parole board in Texas recommended clemency yesterday for Sugar Land man slated to die for murder-for-hire plot. No Greg Abbott has to either give a thumbs up or thumbs down.