Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A house blew up in Dallas this morning.
  • Greg Abbott approving clemency for a guy set to die was surprising to me. The fact that he announced the decision less than an hour before the government was going to kill the guy was not. 
  • The Canadian hockey player is catching heat for removing the Silver Medal seconds after it was placed around her neck. I don't have any problem with that, and at least one of America's greatest athletes would agree with me. 
  • The ice on the trees in Wise County is/was amazing, but branches were snapping left and right. And while I was driving in Decatur yesterday I found myself dodging long lines of ice dropping from power lines (and Decatur has a ton of above ground power lines.)  
  • "Kaufman County investigators searched the offices of a defense attorney for video evidence in the sexual assault investigation involving boys on the Forney High School soccer team." Say what? 
  • This is cool: 
  • The school resource officer, Scot Peterson, who did nothing during the Parkland shooting, must not have heard of the "they run towards the danger" slogan.
  • And that guy only has one t in his first name, but when I heard it yesterday I just thought about this man: 
  • Ivanka has arrived at the Winter Olympics (but she brought along Sarah Huckabee Sanders so we can't rule out an international incident to be forthcoming.)
  • Breaking: 
  • For some reason I watched A Football Life on Eddie George last night.  The number of blows to the head he took was staggering. Today, flags and fines would be flying. (Side note: Do I have correct subject-verb agreement in that second sentence?)
  • More bad news for the Mavericks: Dennis Smith, Jr. is named by the FBI in their probe of "corruption and bribery" in NCAA basketball. So is a current player for the University of Texas. (More shocking to me is that the FBI "intercepted" 4,000 calls in less than a year.)