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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • PSA: Trump's mistress, Stormy Daniels, is coming to Fort Worth. This PSA, of course, does not encourage you to visit that establishment on that date:
  • Man, it was cold yesterday. And I don't need to remind you I'm The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.
  • "Please be advised that the Needville ISD will not allow a student demonstration during school hours for any type of protest or awareness!!" Superintendent Curtis Rhodes said. Does the school district not have a lawyer? What if a group of kids want to have a moment of silence during lunch? What if one guy wants to walk through the hallway with his fist up? What if three friends come dressed in all black? 
  • Since Texas has passed "open carry" I have never seen someone open carry.
  • The Trump "Listening Session" was very suspicious.  Did you know no one wanted to talk about guns? The students and parents didn't even mention it other than a "guns aren't the issue" reference. What a coincidence! This Administration, for however long it lasts, will always be selling snake oil. That was a staged PR stunt. And . . . 
    He had to have a note which said, "I hear you."
  • Flashback: 
  • Trump supported arming teachers yesterday during the Listening Session. That would be as dangerous as me walking around with a gun at the courthouse. And let's do another Flashback: 

  • DPS has purchased 17 drones. One cost $48,000.
  • Hey, local school districts, our Governor has solved the school shooting crisis. You guys get right on that, OK? (Side note: He "orders" it?)
  • Mark Cuban's defense of not firing Earl K. Sneed (who I had never heard of until yesterday) is ridiculous. He screwed himself yesterday giving that interview to ESPN.
  • Before the Cowboys ever played at old Texas Stadium, Billy Graham had a crusade there. I was in attendance.
  • I'm stunned that one of the new allegations in the lawsuit by a former player does not include Patterson sending Trevone Boykin back into the game after taking a cheap shot to the head by Baylor's Ahmad Dixon in 2013. Boykin lasted just a couple of plays and was clearly suffering from a concussion. I've heard horrible things about Patterson for years. 
  • One of the craziest things I have ever seen was a "town hall" (held in an arena) on CNN last night concerning the school shooting in Florida. Sen. Marco Rubio took a beating which even I found uncomfortable. That crowd was openly hostile. (And Rubio, in defense of taking donations from the NRA, saying, "People buy into my agenda" was tone deaf.)
  • When the sleet and icy roads hit Wise County around noon yesterday, there were a few school superintendents who had to have been freaking out about not closing their schools from the start. (In their defense, the weather forecasts did not not predict it. Thanks, Delkus.)


Anonymous said...

Were you complaining about the cost of the drones? If just one life is saved during a search and rescue wouldn't that make the cost worth it? And during hurricane recovery being able to identify priority rescues with a drone is worth every penny.

Anonymous said...


If just one life is saved with stricter gun laws wouldn't that make the cost worth it?

Asking for a friend.


Anonymous said...

12:37, that's the dumbest cost-benefit analysis I've ever seen. "If just one life"??? What if the drones cost 50 trillion dollars? Each?
No one life is worth that. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

He had to have a note which said, "I hear you."

That note was a very bad idea by a very deluded staffer. It makes it look like DJT needs to be prompted to lie. We all know he needs no outside help at all in that pursuit.

Not fake Gary the Graboid

Anonymous said...

You turn your guns in then we will talk!!!

A. Friend

Anonymous said...

The 'just one life/child/etc.' phrase almost always precedes a fallacious or dubious argument. It's one of the oldest forms of rhetorical chicanery extant.

Anonymous said...

If we made the punishment for murder more harsh, would it save more lives? Asking for a dumbass friend

Anonymous said...

Since Texas has passed open carry, I have never seen someone open carry.

I remember when that law passed all the bed wetting liberal weenies on here we're predicting that every day would be like the shootout at the OK corral. What happened weenies?

Anonymous said...

Easy there on the Patterson roasting there Barry. How many times during his tenure has the school been sued for having criminal athletes sexually assault women? I will say Lisenbee seems to have selected good legal counsel. Still it looks like he's got a tough road to hoe: prove everyone at the school lied, deceived you, bullied you and gained your trust, but let's not talk about how you were "auditioning" for the NFL every Saturday and never once tried to take the field for your own selfish motives. Show me academic records that look like you were at school for something other than NFL preparation and i'll consider it, but if you're records have you barely passing underwater basket weaving and home ec....

Anonymous said...

So, where's Obama's manstress appearing this weekend, Barry???

oljames3 said...

You will probably not get a reply from them. As for not seeing anyone carrying openly, the odds are against it. Just over one million Texans have a License To Carry a handgun. Not all of those carry daily. Most who carry daily do so concealed. I am sitting in the dining room of a four star hotel in Houston with my S&W M&P on my hip. I carry always and do so openly where I can. I do not see anyone else carrying openly right now and to not expect to. The odds are agaonst it.