Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I still can't see the comments which are submitted. Google, which runs this platform, has acknowledged the widespread issue and is allegedly working on it. 
  • Weird: A driver of a U.S. mail truck was shot and killed on the mix master in Dallas this morning.
  • The indictment by the U.S. Government of 13 Russians cannot be understated. They deliberately infiltrated social media, in a sophisticated manner,  to fool you with lies. And, interestingly, there is a paragraph in the indictment that says they communicated with a Texas group who told them to focus on three states. 
  • Now remember that he won't impose sanctions on the Russians and remember this: 
  • But that news on Friday completely buried the story that Trump cheated on Melania (again)  -- this time with a Playboy bunny.
  • Trump is running scared. The following is a complete lie. He called it a "hoax" multiple times. 
  • Tell your kids that if they want to watch Watergate in real time, this is their opportunity. 
  • Mitt Romney is running for Senate. He's a Republican who despises Trump, and he will win in a landslide.
  • Mrs, LL watched a portion of Airplane with me. She laughed. I don't even know her any more. 
  • Black Panther brought in $192 million on its opening weekend. 
  • There's a growing sentiment for an organized student march in support of gun control. (One date being considered is 4/20).  The other date is a Saturday, 3/24. I would rather see it on a school day.
  • I haven't heard it, but Fergie must have butchered the national anthem last night.
  • I didn't know Joel Osteen supports "speaking in tongues."
  • If you are the superintendent of Desoto ISD, I'd be nervous after this agenda came out.