Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Individual-1's paranoia continues this morning as he he tells us not once, but twice, there is no "Smocking Gun." (And it is pure 1984 as how he slowly has begun referring to Mueller's investigation as "the Dems.") And he went on to admit to paying off women for their silence -- something he has lied about in the past -- as just a "private" transaction.
  • Never forget who Mueller, a Republican appointed by a Republican, is per Fox News:
  • Random death notable to fans of the great movie Night Shift:  Tim Rossovich. 
    "Awful good. She meant awful good."
  • Very random find that means nothing: Less than two years before 9/11, a 19 year old student pilot from Saudia Arabia crashed near Boyd. His instructor was from Yemen.
  • This is amazing. A basketball card has turned up with the Menendez Brothers in the background. And sleuths have figured out that the photo was taken after they killed their parents.
  • CourtTV is coming back.
  • Dave Campbell's Texas Football says that Decatur has had the fifth hardest schedule in the state to this point, and only one other team is still alive in the playoffs which has had a harder road.
  • TCU's starting quarterback will transfer. Something is going on in the Gary Patterson empire.
  • Trump told us he would hire the best people. Now he thinks his first hire as Secretary of State (who was the CEO of ExxonMobile when it was making record profits) was "dumb as a rock." We are learning that the best people are smart enough to not want to work for him. 
  • I think those "win probability" charts overstate the chances of winning or losing at any point during the game, but this one is pretty funny.  (Here's the play as time expired in case you missed it.)
  • I mentioned it on Friday, but I finally finished it: Get Me Roger Stone on Netflix is an absolute must-see for any political junkie. It is fantastic.
  • Questioned posed to me: Was there just one hearse that transported George H.W. Bush's body in both D.C. and Texas?  It sure looks like it. But if true that meant there was a second plane carrying the hearse which somehow had to beat Bush's plane to its destinations after delivering the body to Air Force 1. (I know the Presidential limo used by Trump and other presidents travels in a separate C17 military plane.)
  • How Joe Barton, who was involved in a salacious sex scandal over a year ago, thought it was fine to serve out the remainder of his term at taxpayer's expense instead of resigning is shameful.
  • Ray Liotta in that Chantix commercial sounds like he has a head injury and looks like he has had a Botox malfunction.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.