Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Decatur plays Waco La Vega tomorrow at Jerry World. Fun Confusing Fact: The school is located in the city of Bellmead and is part of the La Vega I.S.D so I'm not sure how Waco got slapped on its name. Another fun fact: Waco La Vega beat Decatur in the area round in 1987 and there are four players from the La Vega team who have sons playing for the current La Vega team.
  • La Vega, and this guy, runs the ball. A lot. 
  • Trump's personal lawyer. Michael Cohen, is going to federal prison for three years for doing something Trump directed him to do. And you know who first found out about Trump's payments to porn stars funneled through the National Enquirer to keep the affairs from being exposed before the election? The press.
  • And he just declared a War on Christmas!
  •  Flashback to 2015:
  • Flashback to happier times with a Trump mouthpiece:
  • Here's a fun bit: Ask someone who is under 40 the name of the person who killed Abraham Lincoln. (My brief experience yesterday indicated that the 40 year old cut off line has some significance for a reason I don't readily understand.) 
  • New morning tweet: The Wall was in our hearts all along. Sheesh.
  • Man, between that Baylor kid being banned from UTD's graduation and graduate school and other developments, we've got a social media lynch mob going on. 

  • I don't care about it, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced their inductees this morning. Here's a Jeopardy Question: What band was inducted whose hit song was performed by Bill Murray's character in the film Lost in Translation
  • The First Lady was welcomed with open arms for an interview with Fox News yesterday where she called authors and journalists covering Trump "opportunists." Yep, a gal who came from Slovenia to "model" in hopes of landing a billionaire just called journalists a bunch of opportunists.
  • Very random great fake punt by the Houston Oilers back in the day.
  • Jeopardy answer: Roxy Music whose hit More than This made an appearance in the karaoke scene.