Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • When Michael Cohen appeared in federal court this week, you would think that they could have found a sketch artist who at least didn't have a second job has a horror artist. (In addition to being bad at his job, check out out the gal in the background.)
  • It's long but great: A behind-the-scenes oral history of how, 25 years ago, a little known network called Fox shockingly paid and obscene amount of money to obtain the rights for the NFL's NFC away from CBS. And the larger scheme as to why they did it. (Who among us watching the Cowboys back then didn't think, "Hey, that little down, distance, and time graphic is annoying --- No! No! Wait! It's fantastic!")
  • This is really cool: When the Aggies played LSU a couple of weeks back, the game appeared lost when an interception was thrown. Listen to the boys controlling the big stadium screen (and see the screen simultaneously) as they madly scramble to get the video up which showed the QB's knee was down before the interception was thrown.  Their quick work led to the play being reviewed and reversed. 
  • Sports news was a buzzin' yesterday about Stephan A. Smith's ill-informed and laughable comments about the upcoming Charger/Chiefs game as he referenced players who would not be playing. Here's a great slowdown of the reaction of his guests. (Smith is paid $3.5 million from Fox Sports and $1 million from his SiriusXM.)
  • Photoshop and Mike Pence:
  • The National Enquirer/Trump relationship news this week caused me to remember something I posted on 5/24/17. I sensed back then that something was going horribly wrong, and I was right. Now we know the Cohen/Trump/Porn Star/Enquirer investigation was ramping up behind the scenes, and the Enquirer was starting to distance from all things Trump.
  • No snow. Check. No ice. Check. High winds. Check. I'm a weather genius. Compare and contrast someone else earlier this week: 
  • Speaking of being right, I was very wrong about something else. The lawsuit against the defunct Beamer's nightclub over the Josh Brent wreck led to a $25 million verdict yesterday. But someone try to make sense of this to me. Brent was found 48% responsible, the club an equal 48%, and the guy who ended up dead by deciding to get into the car with Brent only 4%. I'm still surprised the club was found responsible at all because the Plaintiff faced an impossible burden of having to prove that "it was apparent to the provider that the individual being sold, served, or provided with an alcoholic beverage was obviously intoxicated . . . . "
  • Random (and silly) stuff in the Texas Constitution which is in direct conflict with, and an obvious violation of, the U.S. Constitution:
  • Every life is precious unless it's a child who is poor, has brown skin, and isn't an American. She died in El Paso.
  • And it seems a good time to remind you of the Border Patrol's history of  pouring out water left on trails. #MAGA
  • Random order out of a federal court in Houston this week: 
  • Whatever happened to Craig James (SMU star, star college football analyst, failed Senate candidate, Mike Leach thorn, and a guy who did not kill five hookers)? Yahoo Sports tracked him down