Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I nailed all my political predictions from yesterday: Cruz won, the GOP kept the Senate, Dems took the House, and Creuzot won the Dallas DA's race (but that wasn't even close with a 60/40 split).
  • I missed Cruz's margin of victory because it was much closer than expected. And make no mistake about it: Texas is now close to Purple and on its way to turning Blue. Specific proof of this in addition to Beto's dramatic showing is Allred beating Sessions in a past Republican safe Congressional district, the Democrats flipping 12 Texas House seats (including Matt Rinaldi losing) and Connie Burton and Don Huffines losing their Texas Senate seats. To be fair, Burton probably lost because she has the rare traits of being both incompetent and unlikable.
  • Watching the Beto/Cruz race live was really odd. It was neck and neck for over an hour and it looked like we were in for a long night when all of a sudden ABC and NBC called it for Cruz. They were obviously right, but it came out of the blue.
  • Wise County proved it was not part of the Metroplex. Beto managed to get 44.8% in Denton County, 49.8% in Tarrant County (won) and 66% in Dallas County (won). He got 16.9% in Wise County. (A Houston buddy of mine said he was surprised Beto did as well as he did in Wise County.)
  • There is not a Republican judge in Tarrant County who isn't a little bit uncomfortable this morning regarding upcoming elections. They've seen what has eventually happened in Harris, Dallas, Bexar, and Travis counties. And now it is happening to Tarrant.
  • West Texas and the Panhandle is always fun to look at for Republican strongholds. The Right Wing winner last night appears to be Roberts County with 95.9% going for Cruz. Nineteen people voted for Beto.
    Roberts County Courthouse is bigger than I pictured.
  • (Edit: I’m not sure if the following is correct )The craziest race was that of incumbent Texas Republican Congressman Will Hurd. The Secretary of State showed him winning with 100% of the ballots in and the networks called it accordingly. Then in the middle of the night the SoS said there was an error in Medina County and Hurd ended up losing by 282 votes. 
    This turned out to be incorrect.
  • Make no mistake bout it, Democrats taking the U.S. House is the most consequential result from last night. Now nothing will get done legislatively in Washington -- and that's a good thing. And Trump will learn about the Balance of Powers for the first time in his life. 
  • And if you hate political ads, get ready for 2020. It'll be Armageddon. Texas has been ignored in the last decades in the presidential race because it was solid Red -- no need for either candidate to spend money here. Last night proved that can't be taken for granted. So we'll get to see a ton of ads for Trump and his opponent. 
  • Dennis Hof, the deceased owner of the Bunny Ranch, won in Nevada
  • I'd vote for her: I linked to the "Sad LSU Girl" on Monday who CBS found during the LSU/Alabama game. She has been found, and she's a good sport.
  • Let's end the political season with Triumph,The Insult Dog, talking to Cruz.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.