Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Get me this duck! (It's a Mandarin Duck which oddly showed up in Central Park a couple of weeks ago, disappeared for a while, but then came back.) 
  • The Rangers have released a new logo for the final year of their ballpark. It still seems bizarre they are going to tear that place down after only 25 years. (And we have forgotten that a bunch of poor people had their home torn down via eminent domain to build that thing in the first place.)
  • A convicted sex offender who has been in the Wichita County, Texas jail since Christmas on a new sex charge bonded last week after his family won the $15 million lottery on Halloween.

  • This Senate race is turning out much differently. Florida is now in full Gore v. Bush mode, and the Arizona race is still too close to call but leaning towards the Democrat. Amazingly, if both of those turn to be Democrat wins, it all comes down to the strange (procedurally at least) Mississippi runoff to decides who controls the Senate. Then again, Mississippi ain't gonna have no Democrat represent them. 
  • Speaking of Mississippi voters, this guy thought it would be a good idea to wear this to his polling place. His employer wasn't pleased, and he was fired.
    A very odd "States' Rights" shirt
  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg fell and broke three ribs and was hospitalized. It makes me uncomfortable that what seems to be the fate of the nation depends on the health a very frail 85 year old.
  • This is true:
  • Trump ordered the flags flown at half-staff after the Thousand Oaks shooting. Seriously: Let's just leave them at half-staff. They truly spend more time there than at full staff. That way when we see them all the way up we can know, just for today, things are at least temporarily stable.
  • The "acting attorney general" who replaced fired Jeff Sessions seems like a little bit of nutcase. And after reading this New York Times op-ed piece, it seems crystal clear that Trump has no constitutional right to appoint him in his temporary position without the advice and consent of the Senate. 
  • What happened to the caravan? I thought we were being invaded! (It's a perfect example how Trump plays the press.)
  • An all new Christmas station (groan) has appeared in the metroplex although this confused me as to how to tune it in:
    It's actually 102.1 ("A Cumulus station")
  • How does Sarah Huckabee Sanders keep her job after the clearly edited video of Acosta is still pinned to the top of her official government Twitter account?  "And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth." — George Orwell, 1984.
  • The DA of Navarro County who died last month won re-election. This is kind of understandable. He was unopposed and a vote for him might be considered the equivalent of signing a guestbook. 
  • A North Texas student acts disgustingly stupid on social media and he gets outed in the comments. 
  • There is a huge fire in California in and around Paradise. I used the same headline as below for the Paradise, Texas fire in 2008. This newspaper front page comes from Chico, California. Paradise and Chico in California are 14.1 miles from one another. Paradise and Chico in Wise County are 13.3 miles apart.