Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Random Thought Girl™ was meant for yesterday. I've entitled this piece of art, "All Of Us After The Election". 
  • While you were sleeping: 12 murdered inside a country and western bar in Thousand Oaks, California. Another day in America as we surpass our last mass shooting eleven days ago.
    Borderline Bar and Grill - site of shooting

  • One overlooked huge Democratic win was on the Dallas Court of Appeals. Eight Democrats were elected to get a majority on the 15 member appellate court. And you can't just right it off as "It's just Dallas. What did you expect?" Those judges are elected at large from Dallas, Grayson, Hunt, Kaufman, Collin, and Rockwall counties. The last Democrat to win was in 1992. It is now full of Plaintiffs lawyers. (I know one Wise County lawyer who is trying to hold on to a multi-million dollar judgment in that court.)
  • I've seen at least four dead deer the last couple of days along the roads in Wise County after being struck by vehicles. A Bambi-hunting friend of mine says they are in a "rutting period." Males are in crazed yet aggressive stupor looking to mate, and females are running from them. Neither are paying much attention. 
  • Well, Trump fired AG Jeff Sessions (the first confederate monument he is willing to take down) for ethically recusing himself in the investigation of, well, Trump.  Newly elected Republican Senator Mitt Romney sends his greetings via a warning shot: 

  • "I think I am a great moral leader." "I don't know who Lil Jon is." - Trump in a bizarre press conference yesterday. 
  • Trump later suspended the press pass of CNN's Jim Acosta for "placing his hands on a young woman" during the press conference. Hey, he can be antagonistic but that's a lie. (Video). And that's also a bold excuse to use by the Grab-'Em-By guy.
    An intern gets her 15 mintues of fame.
  • Here's the danger of the modern world: Already there is a video at normal speed but with a slight edit distorting Acosta's hand gesture by speeding it up for a split second. It was made by the nutcase InfoWars organization and has has been shared tens of thousands of time including the White House. "Video, once the end-all central validator, is becoming as vulnerable to politicized distortion as everything else."
  • Tell me this is just a coincidence: I picked up some "Oreo Chocolate Bars" out of the discount Halloween bin. I had never even heard of them and certainly had never bought them before. I checked out with a credit card like I always do, and now I'm seeing promoted ads for those cookies on my Twitter timeline. 
  • The news underlying yesterday's bullet point on Texas Congressman's Will Hurd race was being changed as I wrote it. The current status
  • Dallas Morning News: If you want to hire 20 hookers for a party ("No mom, no fat girl or whatever"), it'll cost you $40,000 with $5,000 down. Cocaine and Viagra can be part of the package. 
  • "Twelve children accused [a] former preacher at Haslet Church of Christ and and proprietor of Mr. Don's Whistle Shop [of sexual assault]." He was murdered in the Tarrant County jail yesterday.
  • The winner of the NASCAR race in Fort Worth didn't win after all. That's all that sport needed as attendance and TV ratings continue to plummet. 
  • Here's newly elected Texas Congressman Colin Allred playing for Baylor and sacking OU's Rhett Bomar.