Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • You've probably seen the dance floor collapse at Clemson which left dozens injured, but it was nothing compared to the wedding reception disaster in Israel in 2001 where 23 died. 
  • Here's the explanation from the NFL with video of the penalty right before the missed final field goal.) I told you boys to take the Under on season wins at 8.5.
  • The next time you think the Star-Telegram is liberal, remember this political cartoon from last week.  Good lord.
  • Ted Cruz and local radio guy Mark Davis tried to do a Facebook Live presentation, and it was a technological meltdown of biblical proportions. 
  • Early voting in Houston this morning -- a Democratic stronghold:
  • I wrote a while back about the prosecution of several people associated with Schlitterbahn after the death of a young boy at a park in Kansas City. The prosecutors in that case seemed a little over the top in my opinion (the 47 page indictment read like a seedy novel). Well, last week they started their crusade with prosecuting two lower levels employees for lying during the investigation. Result? Not Guilty on both. 
  • Well the Saudis are now saying that Jamal Khashoggi died during a fight. No one is buying that lie. And we want to sell millions worth of arms to a country that stupid?
  • Dude, Trump hasn't even bothered to appoint one. 
  • For defense lawyers: We have a new case on the issue of "Is a defendant entitled to an evidentiary hearing on a violation of the terms of a pretrial intervention [pretrial diversion] agreement before the agreement may be terminated? No."  The scary part is that prosecutors could unilaterally kill a PTD agreement for no reason whatsoever. Practically, that is never going to happen for two reasons: (1) If a prosecutor offers PTD, he wants it to be successfully completed, and (2) No prosecutor wants his reputation ruined by doing such a thing. The news would spread to every lawyer, judge, clerk and staff in a New York minute.
  • I love the look of the Oregon's strength coach.
  • I'm convinced no one is in charge of the Star-Telegram's web site on weekend nights. Compare the large (and outdated) lead story with the automated update (circled) on their homepage on Saturday morning.
  • College football: (1) The funniest thing you'll see over the weekend. (Quick loading video.) (2) Nebraska was 0-6 and still 90,000 showed up. (3) OU will win the Big 12. (4) The best unconventional Star Spangled Banner you will ever hear. 
  • The very ethically challenged and far right wing Heritage Foundation had been holding a secret training program for clerks of federal judges where the clerks had to sign an agreement not to disclose what they "learned." It has now been shut down. It sounded like a Star Chamber training ground.
  • I said a week ago I said there is something very fishy about the "caravan" appearing just days before the mid-terms. Marco Rubio thinks it is manufactured. I do to. He is just confused as to who did the manufacturing.  
  • Want to get a hotel during the West Texas oil boom?
  • Messenger: Above The Fold