Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The stock market is set to drop hugely again this morning. (Down 374 points as I publish this.)
  • Last night a man  was "grazed" in his head by a bullet after stopping because of a "road rage" incident in South Arlington. Both cars had stopped after side-swiping one another. Something is fishy about this incident. 
  • The early voting turnout was insane for both Democratic and Republican Texas counties. I wonder if one of these days we will have smart TVs that won't play political ads once we vote. (I wrote that in jest, but I can see that happening. It makes sense. We won't be bothered and candidates save money by targeting their ads on others.)
  • TCU's Gary Patterson might have some explaining to do. His star player was arrested over the weekend for an alleged assault of his girlfriend. Ok, that's bad. But then the news broke he "was arrested last spring in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on multiple charges including battery against a woman who is believed to be the same girlfriend." A warrant has been out all season for his arrest for missing a court date in that case. 
  • Local sports anchor and recent social activist Dale Hansen hadn't voted in 46 years.
  • For sale at the Trump rally yesterday in Houston.
  • Trump at the rally: "There's this word -- nationalist. I'm not supposed to use it, but I'm a nationalist. I'm a nationalist. Use that word."  No, you're not supposed to say you're a White Nationalist. You're getting close. I'll give you time.
    "I'm sorry. My wife is ugly and my dad did help kill JFK."
  • Weirdest Trump line at the rally: He said people with “little boats” wanted to go out into the storm during Hurricane Harvey to “show their wife how great they are.”
  • I'm not familiar with this political race but this is funny.
  • Former Carolina Panther Rae Carruth was released from prison yesterday after 18 years. I've been hearing good things about this seven part podcast about the whole crazy case. 
  • Bridgeport High School has Boston Dynamics in its cross-hairs.
  • The lottery being up to $1.6 billion is a perfect Idiocracy moment for this day and time.
  • The Dallas Observer has a long story about the trend of THC edibles being brought back from Colorado via 287. Amazingly, there is no reference to Wise County.