Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Christmas is two months away -- from yesterday.
  • I've never been a fan of the printing the photos of registered sex offenders in the paper before Halloween. It's not legally required at all. 
  • I bet this is going on all over the country. Just legally buy the stuff in a state and move the product. That would seem to be exponentially easier than getting dope from Mexico or Columbia. (Throw in the fact that private airports exist -- or even small public airports with no security -- and interstate importation would be easy.)
  • While America was sleeping, he was babbling at 3:14 a.m. EST. 
  • Here's the Tarrant County Sheriff using an official/verified Twitter account to promote Ted Cruz along with a some other taxpayer paid officials who were presumably on the clock yesterday. The Sheriff took it down about an hour later.  (h/t Bud Kennedy)
  • Time magazine has a "Guns In America" issue this week with an expanded cover. I've circled Texas' goofball legislator and open-carry-even-without-a-license proponent, Jonathon Stickland.
  • Speaking of, you never see a person with a concealed handgun license "open carry" a handgun which they are legally allowed to do in Texas since 2016. I had one CHL holder tell me one time you would have to be an idiot to do so.
  • A member of the white nationalist Proud Boys wasn't so proud once he got to court.
  • Fox News' Lou Dobbs, who is certifiably insane, deleted this tweet yesterday shortly after it went out. (Lots of deleting going on these days.) Most journalist would get fired for this.
  • After Dobbs went off the rails with that tweet, who would possibly want to be on his show yesterday? Wait. I know a guy. 
  • I saw Fox 4 tweet (again) yesterday about Blue Bell but without any reference to it being a paid ad. A quick Google search found at least 79 media outlets pretending the ad was news. Edit: WFAA just did it, too. #Shame
  • Lake Bridgeport: After all this rain, it is still not at capacity (but it is less than one foot low.)
  • An actual footnote in a pleading yesterday of a Russian company charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller:
  • Megyn Kelly didn't get fired for the "blackface remark". She got booted because NBC wanted a reason to get rid of her. They paid her a fortune and then decided they didn't want her on the Today Show or send her to the Olympics. 
  • As America goes full throttle in its attitude of not making marijuana a crime, I'm still amazed at the Wise County Attorney in the 1990s who refused to prosecute those cases. At the time, we all thought he was a nut. In the end, he might have simply been way before his time.