The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Labor Day. There is no Messenger Update, local news stations have skeleton crews, and metroplex papers are so thin you could floss with them.  But guess who is here providing priceless, quality content?: The hardest working man in show business. 
  • If Trump is not lying above the venue, there will be a ton of empty seats. He couldn't fill up the American Airlines Center much less Jerry World or the NRG Stadium.
  • And this recent Trump/Cruz weird love fest has caused everyone to unearth their crazy contempt for each other from just two years ago. The biggest liar in the history of politics had a theme that Cruz couldn't tell the truth (after attacking his wife and saying his dad was involved in the JFK assassination):
  •  Examples:

  • And Cruz went scorched earth on Trump back then as well calling him a "pathological liar," "utterly amoral," "a narcissist at a level I don't think this country's ever seen" and "a serial philanderer."
  • Fox News shamed a black man for making an honest living: 
  • It seems like you'll oftentimes hear prosecutors say, "It wasn't the verdict that we hoped for, but we will never argue with or criticize a jury." Uh, by saying that you kind of are, right? 
  • Hot: Chico Dragon running back Nico Starnes who, against Petrolia, ran for 303 yards and five TDs on just 13 carries. Not: Decatur Eagles' passing line of five completions and six interceptions on 25 attempts.
  • Not sure about this political cartoon which perhaps inadvertently shows John McCain moving in to bomb the Pearly Gates.
  • George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and especially Meghan McCain took shots at Trump (who was golfing) during John McCain's funeral on Saturday.
  • Trump heard about it and got mad:
  • The name. A sword. A DJ. Seems like a scene out of Kill Bill.
  • I pray that a new misdemeanor case I've been retained on has facts consistent with my client's version. It truly will be a great, "He got arrested for WHAT?!" story. 
  • Get this: The high school football season is two weeks old in California. After the first two games, Healdsburg High was 0-2 after losing 0-41 and 0-61. The team had 18 players and after the two big loses, six players quit. The coach then held an anonymous team vote where they decided to pack it up and call it a season. 
  • I saw one highlight of Diamond Hill's win over Conrad (breaking the state's longest losing streak), and I think I know how they won. Conrad's version of tackling was, (1) Try to wrap your arms around the runner's upper torso, (2) if successful, try to sling the runner to the ground, and (3) remain standing at all times. It was ridiculous. 
  • "L. Gaga":
  • Twin Peaks Biker Cases Update: "A judge, who said Friday he has been 'troubled by the whole Twin Peaks matter from its inception,' put off the trials of bikers in his court until after the first of the year because he wants the new McLennan County district attorney to review how the remaining Twin Peaks cases will be handled." I knew this was a fiasco from Day One. 
  • College football: (1) OU looks scary, (2) UT fans have Tom Herman -- who always seems Wheels Off -- on a very short leash, (3) The receiver who made that first  great TD catch for the Evil Empire transferred from Baylor (4) Auburn beat Washington behind their QB - a transfer from Baylor, (5) Penn State "upset" Appalachian State in overtime in a thriller, (6) There seem like a ton of targeting ejections this weekend. (7) The craziest play you probably didn't see.
  • Kevin Von Erich might have taken one too many blows to the head. North Texas won 46-23: 
  • TCU played Southern (Alabama). Why on Earth was it a day game?
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.