Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • After yesterday, we should just go ahead and make "Crazy Train" our national anthem. 
  • An Emirates plane had to be briefly quarantined because of a flu outbreak and Vanilla Ice was on board. (A sentence I never expected to write.)
  • Regardless of what you believe about the incident, this photo taken immediately after Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh was asked to shake the hand of the Parkland father, is golden. (Credit: European Pressphoto Agency's Michael Reynolds.)
  • Speaking of the hearing, this was a heck of a moment yesterday. Either she knows something or she bluffed Kavanaugh into thinking she knows something. Worth a couple of minutes of your time. 
  • On a lighter note, trust me, you'll love this Congressman and former auctioneer going into character to shut down a protester in a different ongoing hearing. That's quality comedy. 
  • Trump went ballistic yesterday afternoon over an anonymous New York Times Op-Ed by an insider in the White House. And he actually think its treasonous for someone to question his fitness to run the country. Now he's on a Snitchhunt and wants the person to be "turned over to the government." 
  • Then again, he probably does want to kill the author. "Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death . . . . "18 U.S.C. § 2381.
  • The greatest conspiracy theory of who wrote the Times piece is based upon the word "lodestar" which appears in it. The person who has used it multiple times in speeches in the past: VP Mike Pence. Others suggested looking at the writing style of the author who often starts a sentence with a conjunction and uses the em dash. That would make me a suspect.
  • This is the leaflet that the guy had with him when he crashed into the Fox 4 studio yesterday. That guy is bonkers.
  • There was a story back in July about a Decatur man being arrested for Impersonating a Peace Officer. I'm late to this, but WFAA found the search warrant affidavit issued in Denton County for a somewhat related investigation of the guy. The subject of the search was this tricked up car located in Wise County.
  • Random Picture: The current probation department building in Decatur or "The Old Rogers Building."
  • I've been going into the Wise County Courthouse for decades, and I've never noticed this engraving of the date of construction. (I didn't take the pic and have no idea where on the courthouse it is. And the date looks a bit cock-eyed.)
  • Decatur Eagles, 1965. I spy a County Court at Law judge.
  • The last three photos were stolen from a Decatur Facebook page here
  • And he took that plane? I'm sure the Beaumont common man can relate.
  • UCLA is a 30 point underdog against Oklahoma on Saturday. A weekly guest picker for the Messenger, who is a local car dealership rep, picked the Bruins to win outright.