Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a Category 2 this morning. Our interest level is about to plummet (which occurs immediately after every hurricane hits anyway.)
  • But the Weather Channel is at DEFCON 1:
  • Al Roker giving me predictions on Hurricane Florence makes me realize what a professional a teleprompter reader he is. He's good at that aspect. But to think he is some weather expert is beyond belief. 
  • I was talking yesterday  to a guy who works in the current oil boom in Odessa. It sounded insane. There are so many people that an Allsup burrito goes for $6.50 and pallets of water bottles are bought here and shipped since you can't find them there. He told me he went to Walmart the other day at 1:00 a.m. to avoid the crowds and it was packed and the shelves were picked over.
  • I just noticed this story in the Dallas Morning News. (And I'm reminded of that New York Times op-ed that says this current oil boom is the next dot.com bubble or mortgage crisis.)
  • When a guy who likes storm tracking is also an art lover and is reminded of something:
  • The University of Hawaii travels to Army this week to play a game starting at 12:00 Eastern. So the trip includes a 10 hour flight and a 6:00 a.m. kickoff Hawaii time. 
  • These news stories of advisory panels recommending that Texas school curriculum not refer to the Alamo defenders as "heroes" or that the law of Moses playing no role in the forming of the Constitution cause are nothing more than a Tempest in a teapot. And the right-wingers are wound up.
  • This random story disturbs me so much. Asleep in bed, a tree falls, and a wife and dog die.
  • Someone said I picked The Under for total Ranger wins but I can't find the post where I did it. (I'm sure I did.) It looks like the line was 77.5. They sit at 62 wins with 16 to go.
  • Call me cheap, but $1,099 for an iPhone (announced yesterday), seems a little pricey. Shouldn't phone prices be going down?
  • It's back to Orwellian speak this morning. 3,000 is just some made up number? Remember folks, “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

  • In the Dallas Wrong Apartment Case everyone keeps referring to the arrest warrant affidavit that the Texas Rangers obtained as "their version" of the facts. Nope. The affiant simply swore that the off-duty police officer said x.