Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • When a Sports Genius like myself tells you to take the Las Vegas under for total season wins by the Cowboys, you take the under.
  • An NFL owner who routinely gets drunk on Johnny Walker Blue may have a player who will be banned for life for smoking weed. Makes perfect sense. 
  • The case involving the shooting by the man in his own apartment by the Dallas police officer is off to a ridiculous start. It happened late Thursday night but by Friday morning the Dallas PD announced a warrant for Manslaughter was coming and that the case had been handed over to the Texas Rangers. First, that was moving way too fast. And second, if you are turning over the investigation, it is that agency that makes the call on the arrest. (They ultimately did.)  And even that agency, if it has any brains at all, better include the DA in the decision to make any charging decisions at all. 
  • The arrest is for Manslaughter. I've preached and preached that proving "recklessness", the key element of Manslaughter, is an incredibly high burden that most prosecutors and law enforcement do no understand. This will be a very hard case to prove (assuming the Grand Jury even indicts it.) 
  • And let me rant against the Medical Examiner's office for the millionth time. It has ruled the shooting a "homicide." First, that includes everything from murder to criminally negligent homicide, so everyone calm down. Secondly, the ME has no business in classifying killings in that way since it requires reaching a conclusion about the mindset of the shooter which you can't deduce by examining a dead body. The only thing the ME should say was that the persons death was caused by a bullet causing certain damage to another's organs which caused that person to die. 
  • Ann Coulter brought along her conservative values to the conversation: 
  • The Aggie/Clemson game looked like a great scene and turned out to live up to its billing. And the Aggie Cops weren't messing around with crowd control: 
  • That Aggie fumble near the end of the game through the end zone gives me Tired Head when it comes to Pylon Rules. If a receiver catches a ball in the front corner of the end zone with both feet in bounds but the ball gets to his hands by traveling outside of the pylon, it's a touchdown, right? What if a runner goes right down the sideline untouched and on his feet but for some reason showboats and extends the ball straight out to his side where the ball hovers out of bounds and outside the pylon as he crosses the goal line untouched? Touchdown? If not, why isn't the ball marked down when he first held it out over the out of bounds line?
  • You know what cures Tired Head? Taco dog!
  • This weekend I went to a sporting even which had mobile ticketing only (paperless ticket.) First, it worked like a charm although it felt like I was using black magic. Second, that sure will kill the scalping business at the venue. 
  • A federal judge came out swinging in a voter suppression case out of Florida: 
  • In case you missed it, we now have the hero we've all been waiting for. (Trump's campaign actually went up on stage and kicked him out and replaced him with a Fake Fan.)
  • I needed new tennis shoes in a very bad way, and I had to factor in the brand in my purchasing decision. 
  • Ted Cruz said that Democrats want to turn Texas into ‘tofu, silicon, dyed-hair’ California. He doesn't spend much time in Texas, does he?
  • And she takes offense to that remark:
  • Since I got sick last Spring, my physical comfort level has changed by three degrees. I mean, what used to be a perfect temperature per the thermostat has now changed where I like it three degrees higher than before.