Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It's been a wild week. A Fort Worth police officer was shot in the head last night after a robbery attempt at a "sports bar" on Biddison off of I-35. He is in critical condition.
  • Let me says this with 100% conviction: I don't care. (And, man, Fox 4 News got crushed for this Twitter post seen below. Nice job posting it on the day of his funeral, by the way.) Fox 4 ran with the story live at 6:03 p.m., Steve Eagar anchoring, even though the tweet had well over 3,000 angry replies at that point. (The number has since increased to 32,000 as of this morning.)
  • Some people wrote that the cops "leaked" the fact there was marijuana in the apartment. It was no leak at all. It was contained in a document which is a public record. 
  • Here's a response from the son of the Dallas Mayor:
  • A reader emailed me to point out I was wrong about the arrest warrant affidavit in the above case. I said yesterday it was not the Texas Ranger's recitation of the facts, it was only the Ranger reciting what the off duty cop had told him. Nope. It wasn't written that way. The Ranger wrote it as if it was his belief of what the facts were. Why? I don't know.
  • Can we have a report on the Uniform Instability in this pic, too?
  • In Bexar Country (San Antonio), there have been 19 deputies arrested this year.
  • Nike stock closed at $83.47 yesterday -- an all time high.
  • Either the Russian bot invasion is still alive and well or the Cruz campaign has taken a lesson from their playbook:
  • Wait. Someone found more: 
  • Uh, they thought Willie was a Right Winger?
  • The most depressing cover series you'll see if you're a teacher (and maybe even if you're not.)
  • In a very bizarre case, the Tarrant County D.A.'s office lost a sexual assault trial yesterday. The prosecutor's blamed the jury. The office spokesman blamed the judge. It didn't help that the alleged victim, a psychiatric patient, "began rambling [during cross-examination] about being awoken in the hospital by the voice of the angel Gabriel and being used as a tool by God for 'work for the United States of America'.”
  • I recorded Tucker Carlson last night as soon as I learned Stormy Daniel's lawyer was going to be on. Fox News went with this shocking graphic from the get go, and the segment didn't disappoint. The lawyer eventually asked Carlson, "How do you have a show if you're this ignorant?" and asked Carlson if he watched porn. Watch it.
  • Is it to early to say Hurricane Florence was a dud? BagOfNothing linked to this live cam off of Cape Fear yesterday. (Cool name. Cool movie.) I just checked it. It is an absolutely beautiful morning. Edit: A faithful reader has already pointed out that the camera may have failed and something else, although beautiful, is being broadcast.