Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The political career of Sheriff Joe is over as he finishes a distant third in a three person race for the Republican nominee for November's Senate election.
  • When I'm wrong, I'm wrong: I didn't think the Balch Springs officer would be convicted of murder but he was. Now the jury is deciding punishment and they won't have probation as an option.  (The jury would have been informed of that in voir dire if everyone was doing their jobs, so a compromise verdict of "Let's convict him of murder but give him probation later" didn't happen.)
  • I wasn't the only one wrong. Check out this headline from Fox 4 shortly after the shooting last year: 
  • Our Governor immediately weighed in on the verdict and played the Race Card.
  • Interesting thought: I think people who play video games are goofballs. I think people who play Chess are high-minded. That may not be fair at all. 
  • Fort Worth PD conducted a prostitution sting and arrested 30 saps. The streets are safe again!
  • In one of the weirdest marriages ever, Ken Starr will join the big time plaintiff's litigation group, The Lanier Law Firm. (That's the firm which has Christmas parties where Faith Hill, Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi (and more!) have performed.) What an odd fit. Starr's as stuff suited as they come, has never tried a case, and knows absolutely nothing about Texas state civil law. That's the antithesis of good plaintiff's lawyers. (But Lanier has already had a bad year at times being involved in "unequivocally deceptive" conduct as noted by the Fifth Circuit.)
  • I've been told by a very reliable source that Walmart is having a Best Maid pickle shortage. I don't care, but my source is in a panic. Girl needs her pickles. Edit: A faithful reader pointed out this in depth article that points out being a supplier to Walmart can crush your profits. Bottom line: It ain't easy being a supplier.
  • I'm no constitutional scholar, but a court which gives preferential treatment to one group over another would seem to have some Equal Protection Clause issues.
  • UT coach Tom Herman, for some reason, won't just come out and say who will be calling the plays this fall.  He said this week that "we'll all be calling the plays." There is no way that's true. It's going to be one guy, and that one guy needs to embrace the public scrutiny.
  • Maybe Herman is distracted because Ohio State has announced that he was in a strip club with the guy who is the source of the school's current scandal. 
  • We are living in an endless loop. 
  • He's a true scholar of history.
    Wait a second. Didn't an "anonymous source" play a big role from inside our intelligence agencies one time?

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