Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump backed down on not flying the flags at the White House by finally relenting yesterday afternoon. At least it's good to know he can finally be shamed into doing the right thing even if it is against his nature.
    Trump ignoring questions about McCain yesterday. (Really)
  • The Wise County Courthouse flags were at half-staff after the commissioners' meeting yesterday morning. 
  • It's time for the legislature to do away with the points/surcharge system. You get a ticket, pay it, get surcharges, don't pay the surcharges, you get your license suspended, you get stopped on a suspended license, you pay that ticket and get an extra suspension and more surcharges and on and on it goes. Prosecutors hate it more than I do. 
  • I'd be awful at press conferences if I were a head coach because I'd eventually just go off on a reporter. 
  • Fox 4 Shaun Rabb accidentally quoted the defense lawyer in the Balch Springs officer case as using "lol" during a closing argument which caused a reader to become offended.
  • Reporters, understandably, misuse Opening/Closing and Statement/Argument. It works like this. At start of trial you have: (1) Opening statement by State (2) Defense opening statement. At the end of the trial you have: (1) State's opening argument, (2) Defense closing argument, (3) State's closing argument. 
  • After Nebraska named a starting QB, his backup decided to transfer the next day. It's an epidemic of "picking up my toys and going elsewhere."
  • I saw a lot of disgruntled clients with their lawyers in the courthouse yesterday. Obviously, I don't know the details of each case but most of the Defendant's seemed pretty cavalier. I didn't see a single lawyer say, in essence, "You call the shots but let me explain to you the horrible consequences of your strategy in the event you have misjudged your situation." I saw more of a "It's your life - I don't care" attitude.
  • I'm now fascinated by the ever changing background of the new Messenger "Update Live."

  • Mrs. LL is going to a Rangers game tonight. Cowboys on Sunday and Rangers on Tuesday? I'm worried about her mental health. What's next? Water-boarding date night on Thursday?
  • I'll let you guess who attended an "Evangelical Dinner" with Trump last night. (I'm still awaiting word of any lightning strikes.) Jeffress is so in love he'll even post this high quality picture.
                                                                                  "Get behind me, Satan."
                                                                                   Robert Jeffress (American, 1955-present)
                                                                                   2018. Digital. 12 MP, printed 2018. Gift from Twitter.
  • Stormy Daniels and her lawyer are in an upcoming issue of Vogue. (Photo by the famous Annie Leibovitz):
  • There was nothing more Idiocracy than on Saturday night when NBC interrupted its network to announce the death of McCain. When the "we now return to our regularly scheduled programming" was said, NBC cut to what was showing: Two men in dolphin heads. (Youtube clip here.)
  • A fake Warren Buffett account is giving life advice that everyone loves. It became famous last week with 10 things he thought were "cool" which were, indeed, cool. 
  • Trump is mad at Google this morning because the search results for him aren't positive. He wonders if it is "illegal" and whether it needs to be "addressed."  He's a gift that keeps on giving.