Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I missed the story yesterday morning that we had another parking lot shooting at a Fort Worth strip club that left one dead and three injured. That will hurt Corset's Cabaret on Yelp.
  • There are lots of buy outs going on at the Austin American Statesman and even the Publisher and Editor announced they were leaving this week. I think a former Messenger reporter took a buyout as well. 
  • All of Trump's denials on Twitter can pretty much be interpreted as admissions at this point. (And he has not had a single one this morning. Someone better check on him.)
  • The Aggies laid Reveille VIII to rest outside of Kyle Field last night (the dog died back in June). They forgot to make the grave big enough and had to stop down to dig it a little wider. 
  • I'm still having trouble believing the Rockwall County Republican Party did this. And just who in that lilly white town are they trying to appeal to?
  • It. Will. Never. End.
  • The first kickoff aired by ESPN for the college football season saw this happen last night:
  • I noted a few weeks back that Diamond Hill Jarvis had a chance to break the state losing streak record since they were sitting at 77 straight loses. It all came to an end last night as they beat Conrad, 40-12. (Conrad is a high school around Greenville Avenue and Walnut Hill in Dallas).
  • Stuff like this drive me crazy. The judges of Texas' two highest courts (Texas Supreme Court and Texas Court of Criminal Appeals) met before a legislative panel about bail reform yesterday. The Texas Supreme Court has no criminal jurisdiction and the judges on it wouldn't know how a bail bond works, legally or practically, if it hit them in the face.
  • Texas bail bond reform is basically about helping the poor. That judge from the Texas Supreme Court cares so much about the poor  that when he was hit with ethics charges over a decade ago he wanted the taxpayers to be responsible for $340,000 in his legal fees to defend himself. 
  • This was in 1956 (!!!): Students in Mansfield opposed integration by hanging a black man in effigy over the school doors.
  • I didn't know that even Fox News apologized for the Florida Republican nominee for governor's comments about "monkey this up."
  • The man who has blown $77 million in taxpayer money by wasting it at his resorts for 147 weekend golf outings has announced that almost two million federal employees will not get a scheduled 2.1% raise next year. 
    "No money for you!!!"
  • I got my new Texas Bar Journal magazine yesterday, and it included an article on "Pattern Recognition: An epiphany leads a Dallas attorney to her love of quilting."  It also included an article on networking a room suggesting, "With your arm extended and a smile on your face, walk up to an existing group of people and say, "Hi, I just wanted to come over and meet you all! I'm ______." Worst publication in America. (And if I ever get involved in "networking" I'll fill in that blank with "Beaten Down.")