Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A guy died in a plane crash at Rhome Meadows air strip last night. How many air strips are in that part of the county? I know of four. 
  • If you don't vaccinate your kids, you are a flawed guy.
  • My favorite guy on Hard Knocks is Carl Nassib who gave out financial advice on Episode One. "You have a million dollars and after seven years of getting 10 percent on that money every single year, you’re gonna double it.” That's pretty much the Rule of 72 so I can't argue with him.  But that 10% is the tricky part. One player asked him if "all I have to do is put [it] in the bank and let it sit there?" Nassib said, "Yep." Uh, can I have the name of that bank? 
  • Here's a pic of the tree going out of the side of the third floor of the Wise County Courthouse.
  • The former Chancellor of UT, Admiral William H. McRaven, who I am already a fan of because of his stance on "make your bed", went up another notch in my eyes when he went after Trump. Hook 'Em!
  • The fact that the Worst DA in Texas still doesn't have a single conviction in the Twin Peak Biker Cases is even more shocking once we learn that one of the bikers' defense lawyers said this in court this week: "Metzger, who has been [the biker's] attorney for two years, asked for the second time to withdraw from the case and to allow [another lawyer] to take over. [He] told the court he has never tried a felony case before and would be incompetent in his representation of [his client]. He also said his life, his family and his practice would be ruined if [the judge] forced him to stay on the case."
  • Per the Update, a Wise County man was sentenced to two years in prison for Agg Assault. I watched just a little bit of the trial, and I'm surprised he wasn't probated. (And he'll have to serve the full two years in prison. See Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. §508.145(d)(1).)
  • This is like the lead singer of a rock band yelling, "We love you Dallas!" to the audience:
  • And it reminded me of . . . 

  • Baylor and Auburn will play a home-and-home. I'm going to Auburn on a road trip! I just have to wait until 2026.
  • Aretha Franklin had her first child at age twelve.
  • Yesterday the entire Senate unanimously passed a resolution that the press was not the "enemy of the people." Someone is gonna be maaaaaaaad. 
  • The blonde on Fox and Friends had a "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" moment yesterday.
  • Fox News put Patti Label in the background of an Aretha Franklin graphic and had to apologize. The Onion quickly jumped on it by doing a parody graphic with the larger Aretha image being replaced with Gladys Knight. Quality humor.

  • Yesterday we learned Trump's "military parade" would cost $92 million. The Pentagon then said, "Let's put that thing on hold, buddy." But, of course, this morning he claims he cancelled it.
  • I'm no property tax expert but a ruling out of the Fort Worth appeals court is getting lots of attention. (Even the Harris County Appraisal District filed a "friend of the court" brief warning of a "Substantial and unanticipated losses in local revenue" if the property owner won.) That property owner, a Denton lawyer who practices in Wise County quite a bit, did win: The 10% limit on the increase in an appraised value for a residence (the "homestead cap") is applicable for the first full year after the property was purchased so long as the "homestead exemption" was claimed during that first full year. (You property experts will understand the opinion more than me.)
  • I'm surprised Colt McCoy is still in the NFL. He won't be for long if he keeps taking non-flagged hits like this