Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The manufacturer of Roundup, the greatest weedkiller in the history of weedkillers, was hit with a $289 million jury verdict in San Francisco based upon an allegation that the product caused cancer in a man. That award will never hold up. Well, it would never hold up in Texas.
  • I mentioned these drawings a couple of weeks back. I can't wait to look at them to see how things have changed -- and they have definitely changed with impromptu remodeling projects over the years.

  • Fair and balanced: Fox News' Sean Hannity turned his entire radio show over to Trump's two lawyers on Friday. Amazingly, those two didn't say anything crazy.

  • The guy who stole the plane out of Seattle and went on a suicidal mission demonstrated two things: (1) He's the calmest craziest guy ever, and (2) that man, for not being a pilot, can fly a plane like nobody's business.
  • You think everything is going well for Trump when he tweets, from his New Jersey golf course no less, that his own attorney general is "scared and Missing in Action"?
  • The Teen Choice Awards, for whatever reason, was on the Family Unit TV last night.  I took some comfort in not knowing a single person on the screen while thinking, "The nation is doomed" for most of the show.
  • The office microwave is on fritz which, in my life, is like going to DEFCON 1. 
  • I'm not sure Omarosa's new book has much credibility.  But the jury is still out since Trump promised us he would "hire only the best people." 
  • No-Longer-Sheriff Joe decided to campaign by pointing out he loved Trump during his presidential campaign while the former Sheriff's current Republican senate opponent hung out with that Never-Trumper Ted Cruz.  I need a program to keep all of this straight. It's like an episode of Modern Dysfunctional Family.
  • I've been warning about the Proud Boys, a group of White Nationalists who refuse to call themselves White Nationalists, for a long time. Twitter finally banned them on Friday. 
  • The neo-Nazi rally in D.C. turned out to be a big bag yesterday. It was planned for months but only a couple of dozen Unite The Righters showed up. So sad.
  • It looks like one of the players on Bridgeport's state basketball championship team who went to aTm has transferred to a Division II team in Oklahoma. 
  • I saw a Crown Royal commercial yesterday while watching the the PGA Championship and thought to myself that it was the first liquor commercial I had seen on TV in decades. Quick research reveals there was a "voluntary ban" of liquor ads on TV in 1948 but it has very slowly gone to the wayside beginning in the last 1990s. I must have missed a few.
  • Some bikers "visiting" Trump this weekend gave us one of the greatest photos of his presidency.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.