Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  •  I've ranted that "movies" are nothing like they used to be. Case in point, Meg made $44,500,000 in its opening weekend.
  • Quality comedy from Maury:
  • Trump has, ironically, gone Unhinged on Omarosa. Here is a rant from this morning ("that dog!") followed by a couple from yesterday (once again calling an African American "not smart"):

  • So let me get this straight, she was paid $180,000 a year, wouldn't show up for work, but Trump kept her around because she said "GREAT things about me . . . . "
  • Completely missed this on Sunday night in the Cubs/Nationals game: Bottom of the ninth, down by three, bases loaded, two outs, 2-2 count. Quick loading Twitter video here. (And to make it Texas relevant: Cole Hamels pitched seven innings and gave up only one hit/one earned run.)
  • They don't have a Thunder Truck, but Fox 4 was tooling down the highway yesterday and captured a pickup getting a little loose
  • Whenever there is news of a WWE death, I never have the foggiest idea of who the guy was
  • Happy Birthday to the great Gary Larson.
  • We've got another odd airplane story. A guy in Utah gets arrested for domestic violence, gets released, and decides to fly his small plane into the house where his wife was. He died. She didn't.  
  • Breaking: If you look closely you can see a huge section of a massive bridge is gone. It's in Italy and the death toll has been estimated in the "dozens" but so far the official count is eleven. 
  • Talked to a lady yesterday who swears by the "grocery pickup" at the Walmart in Haslet. It sounds like there are a million ways for it to get screwed up, but apparently it works like a charm. 
  • Dak Prescott's dad got arrested for less than two ounces of weed. Let's all collectively yawn. (the number of news outlets that refer to it as less than "two grams" when it is less than "two ounces" is amazing. Copy and paste. Copy and paste.)