Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • On this day in 1962: 
  • In 2012, Joe Biden was refused service in a restaurant because the owner disagreed with him politically. The GOP then brought the restaurant owner to speak at a campaign rally. 
  • There is one NFL player, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, who has graduated from med school and still on a current roster. The NFL, in a massive blown PR opportunity, has denied his request to have "M.D." on the back of his jersey after his name. 
  • There's a lot going on here: 
  • Again? Someone might want to get this girl some help:
  • Yesterday Mrs. LL told me "Happy Anniversary" which prompted me to reply, "It's tomorrow." At dinner, candles are out. I didn't say a word. She later hands me a gift, and I say, "Seriously, it's tomorrow." She pulls up a calendar, does some calculations, and then takes the gift back.
  • Last week, Clarence Thomas was invited to the Oval Office on his birthday. Here is a picture including his four clerks. I'm not saying a word.
  • I've heard there is Pittsburgh at one end and Philadelphia on the other and the equivalent of the Deep South is in between.
  • Harley-Davidson, in light of Trump's Trade War, is laying people off and moving plants overseas. In the last 15 hours, Trump has attacked the company four times. 
  • We've not had a "Decatur Beggar" sighting in quite some time. (He used to be spotted off FM 51 in Decatur and, oddly, off of 377 in Keller.) A faithful reader thinks he spotted him in Oklahoma City yesterday. Heck, why not up your game and run for judge?
  • Why would anyone ever buy a Time Share?
  • Still a great time waste: Can you ID the 50 states.
  • Weird: "At 12:15 a.m. Sunday, the temperature was 85 degrees [in Breckenridge, Texas]. By 1:35 a.m., it had soared to 99 degrees, according to the National Weather Service."