Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Flashback: Someone mentioned Mister Busters to me the other day. Loved that place as a teenager. I think it was limited to Bridgeport and Decatur but I could be wrong. 
  • Warning: Below is Trump intensive.
  • Justice Kennedy will retire giving Trump an amazing/shocking/disgusting opportunity to appoint a second Supreme Court justice. I'm glad I'm closer to the end of my legal career than the beginning. Winners: the State (goodbye 4th Amendment), Big Business (Citizens United will never go away), Polluters (Money over preservation), Doomsday Preppers (2nd Amendment trumps all), and the Swamp (we are going back in time). The losers: Everyone else.
  • CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin says Roe v. Wade will be overturned within 18 months. I don't think so. I believe that it will be severely limited but not overturned outright. 
  • The confirmation process will be interesting. The Republicans, after refusing to give Obama's nominee a vote, ramrodded Gorsuch through by invoking the "nuclear option" in the Senate. They wouldn't do that again, would they? (Narrator: "They would.")
  • How old is Junior? Did he really say, "lit"?
  • I tend to agree with the Money Changer on this one since "consequential" doesn't necessarily mean "positive". I'm trying to think of other world leaders who could be considered to have been consequential. Hmmmmm.
  • I stumbled across the ninth inning of the Arkansas/Oregon State world series game last night. I felt like a received a Sports Christmas Gift. Oregon State down to their last strike. Arkansas on the verge of a National Championship with a one run lead. Then . . . Oregon State wins 5-3. (Not to mention a foul ball that would of ended the game with an Arkansas win moments before. GIF of it here.)
  • Funny graphic about Oklahoma's legalization of medical marijuana: 
  • "Straight cash, homey."
  • Ever since I mentioned Windows 10 on here a couple of times over the last week, I've been inundated with ads for Windows 10. 
  • Stay with me here: Ronnie Bo Lee has been chosen to go into Baylor's Hall of Fame. I know you don't care but . . . the eventual 14 year NFL vet was in the same Religion class as my brother back in the day. After bombing a test (I think he made 50 or something like that), Lee said, "I guess this means I ain't gonna be no preacher."
  • The Big Lead ranked the NFL coaches. There aren't many black coaches in the NFL but 4 of the bottom 5 made the list. (Jason Garrett, in what has to be a "yuge" mistake, was ranked 13th.)
  • They on the clock?
  • Trump is getting his daily briefing from Fox and Friends this morning (and apparently believes Russia over every single U.S. Intelligence agency when they say "We didn't meddle!")
  • Breaking: Trump will meet with his buddy Putin on July 16th in Helsinki.