Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • HOLY COW: Rudy Giuliani, another new Donald Trump lawyer, admits that Trump reimbursed former lawyer Michael Cohen for the payoff to Stormy Daniels. Trump had previously denied that -- on camera. And the fact that it happened on Sean Hannity's TV show makes it even better.  

  •  Breaking: Rudy was just on Fox and Friends and admitted the payment was campaign related. Trump hires the best people. 

  • Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders must have her head in her hands as she awaits the next press conference.  On March 7, she denied Trump had any knowledge about the Daniels payments: “I’ve had conversations with the President about this…There was no knowledge of any payments from the president.”

  • D Magazine reports that the parent company of the Star-Telegram has gutted its staff.

  • There was yet another accidental military aircraft crash -- this time in Georgia. Nine are believed dead. And there is even a video of it. 

    • That wind yesterday would knock you down -- even someone as big and strong as me.
    • I've got a small side gig as a municipal judge. I take it seriously, but dealing with people on Class Cs is pretty fun. Yesterday a lady entered into a plea bargain with the prosecutor, but I apologized to her that the docket took longer to dispose of than we all anticipated and that she had to wait for so long. "That's OK," she said. Then she paused and said, "I've never had a judge apologize to me before." That line could have been written by a sitcom writer.
    • Another Southwest Airlines window broke. That company didn't need that news.
    • Trump has changed lawyers again. He has now obtained Bill Clinton's impeachment lawyer.
    • Foreclosures on property are held on the first Tuesday of each month on the southeast courthouse door in Wise County. This week, and I'm not sure what was going on, but I've never seen such a large crowd. Either a lot of properties were being foreclosed on or there were lots of buyers after one particular property.
    • There is a Plano teen arrested for allegedly wanting to shoot-up Stonebriar Mall. He talked to Fox 4 News at the jail. Note: Shut up. But he seemed doped up. 
    • The Fox 4 News morning show went on the air 30 minutes early today (4:00 a.m.) in anticipation for the storms. That didn't work out well.
    • Redskins news: