Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Jason Witten retirement press conference was fantastic. But someone needs to explain this to me: "Jason Witten to Jerry Jones:  'From you I learned to never circumcise a mosquito.'"
  • Now we learn that the Russians were behind Jade Helm and our Texas governor bought into it. 
  • They stole another sign! 
  • The outgoing DA in Waco has dismissed 15 more Twin Peaks Biker cases. His decision to indict everyone and not understand that he couldn't prove the cases will forever make him a laughingstock. The morale in the DA's office has to be at an all time low. 
  • My guess is that he's finally dismissing these cases, yet slowly, because he knows the new DA will do it in his first month in office and hold a press conference about what a travesty of justice occurred. That would crush the outgoing DA's reputation even more -- assuming that is possible. 
  • From a couple of days ago: 
  • The College Sophomore Not In The House came home from school last night and immediately told me she was a College Junior. I used to joke with Mrs. LL that "they grow up so fast." I had no idea how true that statement was. 
  • Funny moment at the courthouse yesterday when an employee (and friend) said something I vehemently disagreed with when I was in a different room and, when she saw me walk around the corner, look up at me and said, "I better shut up." 
  • Wow: Peter King, the sportswriter who has made a living out of writing jibberish, is moving to NBC from Sports Illustrated. 
  • There was a hung jury in Wise County this week on the lowest level of felony drug possession. I'm told the jury was split 8-4, but I don't know if that is 8 for guilty or 8 for not guilty. David Pearson was the defense lawyer with a little assistance from Paul Belew. I know nothing about the facts of the case. 
  • Trump is going to speak at the NRA Convention in Dallas today. There is no question he will go "off script" because he's under so much pressure. I bet he says something insane because he'll get riled up by a crowd that loves him.