Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump is coming to Dallas to speak at the NRA convention. He knows his base. (By the way, weapons will not be allowed. Seriously.)
  • I, sadly,  didn't get a picture with Stormy Daniels but Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Morning News did. It sounds like there wasn't much of a crowd. 
  • I need to correct the story about my dad using the Bridgeport Chief of Police's car with permission to go remove a dead dog for $1. When he came back he didn't pull behind two parked DPS trooper cars. There were only two DPS troopers assigned to the county but they only had one car. 
  • Dallas traded Ryan Switzer to the Raiders in exchange for defensive lineman. He was nothing more than an attitudinal teen. 
  • You kidding me?
  • He holds those rallies as therapy for him. He just wants to be loved. Nothing else is important. 
  • He was too much of a coward to show up at the Correspondent's Dinner and he got crushed in a monologue (that even I have to admit was a bit over the top.) 
  • That monologue included an attack on Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I love the hypocrisy from her father. The day before compared to the day after: 
  • A White Settlement man is charged with Intoxication Manslaughter after a six month old was killed in Fort Worth. He was driving a "large pickup."
  • The tree is gone?  The French President wasn't kind to Trump in their last press conference. Coincidence?
  • If you like baseball or softball, you'll love this: OU scores and unconventional run against the Evil Empire.
  • Or this where a MLB player hits a home run into a garbage can. I had a buddy once tell me that when he was playing baseball in college that a home run happened and it hit the top of back fence. A player looked at him and said, "What are the odds of that happening?" His reply was, "The same odds of it landing on every single inch in this place." I've never forgotten it.