Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a stock market crash coming and a real estate crash coming. It's cyclical. It always happens. I've seen two real estate crashes in my lifetime already. Off the top of my head, one was around 1991 and the other around 2004 or so. They last for an average of seven years before property values return to where they were. 
  • The "Drews" mentioned below is the SWAT team leader involved in the Waco Twin Peaks Biker case. It might be a system by system basis, but if what he said is generally true, there is about to be a big shakeup in criminal cases. (Witherspoon is a reporter covering the trial.)
  • Did Trump provide proof yesterday that he didn't say what the Congressman claims he did say to the widow of the Green Beret? No. 
  • The U.S. Senate approved Newt Gringich's (third) wife as Ambassador to the Vatican. (Newt left his wife dying of cancer for this woman.) You simply can't make this stuff up. The party of Family Values.
  • On the radio the other day I heard a Radney Foster reference. Haven't thought about him in years. But I've always loved his song Nobody Wins. The lyrics are so true. Every  marriage counselor should make his clients print out the lyrics and make the couple read them to each other and talk about it. 
  • Very obscure music trivia: At the end of the song you hear a woman's voice for just a few seconds. It's Trisha Yearwood. Edit: A commentor says it is Mary Chapin-Carpenter. He is right. I stand corrected. 
  • There's a commercial on the radio that for some reason references Lawn Darts. I remember seeing a commercial for them when I was a kid. The next time I was reminded of them was in a Torts class in law school. Parents let there kids play with them in the 1970s. What could go wrong?
  • A 100 year old time capsule buried at Love Field will be opened today. I'm very interested if it survived. 
  • I proclaim this National Irony Week:
  • I need to start a "Favorite Comment From Yesterday's Random Thoughts" bullet point. Below is my favorite from yesterday.  Like I've said, I got the smartest and dumbest readers in the world. And there is no way he/she will understand why they fall in the latter category after they read this. 
  • The NFL draft will be held at Cowboys Stadium. Heck, I might go watch the first ten picks if I don't have to pay. I'm not paying for parking, and I'm not paying for admission. That means I probably won't go. 
  • I turned over to WBAP this morning and the boys were ranting about something Jane Fonda said. Hal Jay said he would never forgive her for the photograph in a war "that left 50,000 men dead for no reason whatsoever." Gold. 
  • When I click on any Messenger link this morning I get a 404 error. Uh, oh. Edit; Seems to be fixed by 8:45.
  • I find it very odd that the security guard in the Las Vegas mass shooting case who was allegedly shot first decided to give his first interview on Ellen. Everyone wants to be famous.