Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Ticket runs an ad where a company will give you six football gambling picks for $99. Is this real life?
  • Want to feel old: Baby Jessica was rescued 30 years ago this week.
  • Spurs coach Gregg Popovich called Trump a "soulless coward." Simpleton national radio host Dennis Prager asked, "Does Popovich have a history of deep thinking?" Oh, I don't know. Graduated from the United States Air Force Academy. Has a degree in Soviet Studies. Fluent in Russian. Has military intelligence training. And considered one of the greatest basketball minds of all time with five NBA titles. 
  • One of the greatest moments about Popovich was when I saw him coaching his team during a timeout in the fourth quarter of a game in the playoffs. He kept saying "Pound that rock! Pound that rock!" What he means is that if you hit the same rock over and over again, no matter how hard it is, at some point you'll find its weak spot and it will split. 
  • I don't know who NBA player Gordon Hayward is but apparantly he had an ankle injury last night that was so bad that Twitter put up something I had never seen before: A "graphic warning".  I haven't watched it. There is no way I'm going to watch it. But here's a GIF show the reaction of the other bench when it happened. Yep, it had to be bad. 
  • These Zeke court cases are bizarre. But it took the media about two hours yesterday to figure out the difference between a temporary injunction and permanent injunction. 
  • The Toddler-In-Chief got mad yesterday, and you know its a bad day for him when he does it in the afternoon instead of the morning. If he didn't have Fox News, he would have no friends at all. 
  • What an odd Bridgeport reference in a Rio Grande newspaper: 
  • UNT issued an alert of a scam which should basically should have said: "Don't be a moron."
  • The little kid in Richardson is still missing. Obviously, something is amiss. But it is unbelievable that radio folks like Mark Davis have called her dad a murderer and said he would "retract it" if he was wrong. Buddy, if you are wrong, you're bankrupt. 
  • A Congresswoman says she was present when Trump finally called the widow of one of the four Green Berets killed in Niger and says Trump said, ""he knew what he signed up for ...." Trump denied it this morning and says he has proof. I'm very interested in seeing it. 
  • Former Ranger Ron Washington from back in the day. Good lord.: 
  • I glanced in on the Dodgers/Cubs game last night because Yu Darvish was pitching. (Remember I told you he would be traded to the Dodgers since I'm a Sports Genius?) Anyway, I hadn't even thought about the fact that he has to bat since he's in the National League. That's entertaining. (And he drew a heck of a bases loaded walk in that game.) 
  • If you voted for Trump and have posted a #MeToo post, you need to check yourself.