Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Random historical event I stumbled upon yesterday: I had never heard of the Tulsa Race Riots from back in the day.
  • There were reports yesterday that the UT QB was completely knocked out on the sideline and then sent back into the game a couple of plays later. A concussion could explain why he threw the ball away on fourth down. If that's true, someone on the staff needs to lose their job for endangering the kid. 
  • God help us:
  • Someone took issue with me about how an Amazon headquarters on 287 would be great advertising because "they don't need to advertise." Really? Tell that to Coke, Coors, Home Depot, McDonalds, etc. 
  • Weatherford College has to pay back $1.4 million to the State of Texas. They worked out a payment plan and tried to get it modified but had to appear before a state board last month for approval. Here's the video. The good part is at 43:11. It might only interest a handful of people in Wise County, but they'll be very interested. The request was denied. 
  • We are now past mid-October and have no appointment of a district judge for Wise and Jack Counties. 
  • Trump saying yesterday that no past president called the families of soldiers lost in the line of duty may be his biggest lie yet. (And that is saying something.) He has still not made contact with the families of four Green Berets killed in Niger. 
  • There is nothing more entertaining (and frightening) than when Trump goes Wheels Off during a news conference. The one he called yesterday was unscheduled. 
  • Ticket fans only: During college football talk yesterday, Mike Rhyner said he didn't know if Iowa State was on OU's schedule this year. 
  • Doing payroll taxes and income taxes for my tiniest of law firm (and I hire professionals to help me) can be mind boggling just to round up the information. I don't know how big companies do it. 
  • Hey, Wise County Courthouse, it's my one and only administrative assistant's birthday today.
  • I saw a big guy in a big truck (surprise!) speed threw a convenience store parking lot and then walk into the store right before me. He had a neck tattoo. After spending a minute looking in the aisle, he approached the clerk because he couldn't find what he was looking for: A particular type of breath mint in a particular color. "I've bought them at 7-11 before!" I wish you could have seen my face. And, by the way, he simply had overlooked them. 
  • Oh, my. It's the one at Basswood and I-35. 
  • I attend driver's license hearings all the time. The greatest part is the 10 minutes before the hearings start when a bunch of lawyers and cops are in the same room. The lawyers run their mouths and the cops sit and listen. I absolutely believe this: Cops are far more professional than this new batch of lawyers out there. 
  • In the ongoing Waco Biker Trial, the judge allowed the State to amend their witness list in the middle of trial in order to call a new witness. It's been 2.5 years. The judge might as well be a member of the DA's office.